Goodbye Bruno #alldogsgotoheaven

Dear #Bruno

Thank you for 12 years of #truefriendship and #unconditionallove . I can still remember when I met you.

#2005, i decided not to adopt another dog because #lettinggo is one issue that I have problems to deal with. You’re in a box, in a living room destined to leave in a few hours for your adopted family. You’re making noises so I have to go down and try to pacify you.

Then i finally looked through your eyes… okay, I’m done with my feelings and adopt you instead. One phone call, playing the guilt trip because “it’s my birthday” and a promise that I will take care of you till #eternity does the trick. You’re all mine.

It’s like #loveatfirstsight . Since then, you’re my confidant and my #onetruefriend.

12 years and you never left my side. Sometimes I scolded you of ruining my shoes but you came back running and kissing me.

You’re not polished, a local breed but I love you like a family. I hope you’ll be my guardian angel and … please accompany mama and papa so when my time comes, you’ll be there to welcome me.


39. My new favorite number.

I never had an issue about my age. In fact I embrace it and never hide the fact that I’m getting a year older. Its like your favorite excuse for everything like asking for a seat from another senior in MRT. If I was given a chance to exchange every year with youth and beauty… I would gladly say “pass” for the opportunity. #wisdom over #vanity.

I seldom visit the church. But everyday, I say a little prayer. Being grateful that I had another day, another chance to mend my ways. Looking back on those years, I like what I become. It may not be what I dream of becoming but it’s not a bad plan B anyway. I guess when we started this journey, we set up a map on how to become on what we would like to be. But when we started to drive, a few bumps and life decisions has to be made – ultimately a choice between what is bad and not so bad. We arrive on each station a little different until we throw out the map and just glide through life.

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#redshoechronicle : un-charming experience at #DestinyCharm

Sometimes when we go through our news feeds and we found out that one establishment closes and re-opens with a new brand name… we can’t help but wonder, what makes it different this time. Mas maganda na ba ang services nila or ganun pa rin? Nag iba ba ng ambiance or pinaganda ba ang lugar? Bago na ba ang lahat pati na ang nag mamanage or same pa rin ang madadatnan mo?

I’m always OK with change as long you know what causes this change and your back for good and for the better.

This is the same reason why I tried Destiny Charm na dating Nature’s Spa. I didn’t tried their services before because of the bad reputation they left in the masseur industry but I’m willing to try it now granted that it was partly managed by Essensa based sa mga usapan ng mga bading at masahista. If I’m wrong… leave comments below so I rectify whatever I wrote.
Supposedly kasama ko dapat at isang Ka-fairy ko pero he backed-out last minute. I coordinated with Destiny through Facebook and they responded quickly with my inquiries. Im familiar with their roster granted some of them I’ve met from their previous spa that they worked for. One name that stands out is Jerome.

Betty Lafea ng friend ko so I ask if he is available on that date. Destiny said A big whooping YES so I made some reservations for my friend. Unfortunately on the day of the thrist… he backed out So I’m left with a reservation that I wanted to cancel.

I can still remember when Jerome used to work with Essensa. It’s a glimpse and acquaintances Lang naman granted he is either absent or late. I remember a friend who kept on booking him but he is huge no-show on the day of thrist. I’m not a huge fan but he left a thirst of curiosity on what makes him tick. Plus a co-fairy gave him a “riveting review” that makes it more delectable. But then again… he is not my cup of tea so I’m more than willing to let go of this booking.

But then again… the guy is on its way etc which makes it a hassle. Destiny is more than willing to cancel it but my values stand still. My mom raise me well so I pack my pink cape, my red shoes, a fist full of my fairy dust and I’m on my to Quezon City.

Punctuality 9 / 10

Nakarating ako sa Destiny ng mas maaga. I’m from The far flung area of Valenzuela so my time perspective is different from anyone else granted napakalayo na akong tahanan. I waited Siguro mga 20 minutes pero siyempre nalibang naman ako habang I got a personal tour of the spa.

Spa 9/10

Overall malinis naman. They made a few adjustments pero nandon pa rin yung mga bamboo trimmings. Sa second floor may dalawang room. Sa bawat room may tig-dalawang cubicles and each one has their own door for privacy. And the bed… Hindi siya mattress Lang na nilagay sa sahig. Elevated siya from the sahig. Good job dito ang Destiny since they opted that privacy be first priority.

Looks and hygiene 10/10

Jerome stands 5’10” or more. Kung tatantyahin mo…ang tindig nya parang pang basketball player ng mga paliga sa Barangay. He is good looking and makinis. Kahit naman ng NASA Kabilang spa pa siya… isa siya sa mga gwapong masseur kaya hindi naman katakataka na maraming nagkakandarapa sa kanya. Plus walang Amoy…. Kahit pawisan. Remember late siya and according sa kanya nagmadali pa siya ng lagay na yan. Wala na ang foul smell kaya “two thumbs up” si Jerome sa section na ito.

Attitude 8/10

Straight. That’s about it. He deals with me without the pizzaz and usual pakilig. He is polite but not the same thing I expected from a guy who claimed who got a lot of clientele.

Siguro pagod dahil nga daw nagmadali… pero still this is not what I expected. Naisip ko Tuloy… maybe walang siyang gana or di nya ako bet Kaya I felt na manliit a bit. Pero sandali… Kaya nga andito ako sa lugar na ito para ma-feel ko kahit paano na parang maganda ako sa paningin ng Mundo. I don’t think masseur realizes that gay guys like me visits this type of spa, not because of xtra service, but rather to feel beautiful and significant. Just for a few hours of our demanding life. Kang massage rin Lang… eh bakit ako magpapakahunghang sa mga papindot pindot na masahe. Eh di mag hire na Lang ako ng mga manang sa Barangay namin at panigurado ko garantisado ang masahe and Mura pa.

Massage 2/10

Sus… speaking of masahe. Isa Lang masasabi ko – unforgettable. Anu ba naman yan…

I know for a fact na matagal na siyang masahista. Nagsimula siya sa pink paradise then essensa and destiny. Siguro naman during this time … mas marunong na siyang mag masahe Hindi yung hagod patay and pindot pindot Lang. I mean… oo nga gwapo at matipuno si Jerome pero dyuskoday… ito ba ang babayaran kong 2.5

Pero sandali Hindi pa tapos ang session at Baka naman bumawi sa extra sevice

Extra 1/10

Pwede bang magmura. Hindi man Lang tinigasan at kesyo walang penetration at lip service. Sandali iba ata ang dinig ko dati. Hindi ba dapat kasama Ito sa serbisyong totoo. Sino nga pala yung may review tungkol sa kanya? Ito ba yung pinaglakaguluhan ng lahat? Sandali… ako Lang ba ang gumagalaw at Ano to Leila Delima.

Sa mga pagkakataong Ito… sobra akong nanlumo sa pinaka wala kong pera. Parang ako nalugi. I felt na ang panget panget ko which should not be the case. I stick to 2.5… nothing more. I think that is too much for a service na parang walang buhay. Kaya minsan di ako naniniwala sa mga patalent search ng mga sisters ko sa halagang pang suggested retail price. Kasi madalas may patong na.

Ako naman kasi willing naman akong magdagdag eh… Basta Ayos ang Serbisyo at lumabas akong may ngiti sa Labi.

Hindi rin naman ako tanga kaya wit akong babalik sa destiny. Ewan ko Lang sa iba pero with this type of service… Ano to walang orientation man Lang destiny. This is sooooo bad. Minsan kasi pag may ganitong isang masahista… panigurado the rest ay halos ganito rin ang service.

What happen next? The same night, I hopped sa malapit na spa which is essensa. Abangan….

#pride2017 : reminder to #gaymillenials – #RESPECT

Why do we celebrate #pridemonth ?
Hit back by asking “straight people should be thankful they don’t need one”. The #pride month roots back from the oppressive Civil Rights Movement. There were “Annual Reminder” marches as early as 1965, which were meant to be a public reminder that the #LGBT community didn’t enjoy the same basic civil rights as other people. But the watershed moment of the modern pride movement is widely considered the #Stonewall Riots. In the 1960s, due to laws prohibiting public sexuality, there were limited options for #queer folk and raids of #gay and #lesbian establishments were common. 

During 80s and early 90s, the only local gay icon I know is Pacifica Falayfay. Dolphy’s iconic performance has ticked the Filipino gay character as #parlorista with a heart of gold. Though his moving performance has paved the way to bring #LGBTQ issues, there is more to #gaylife aside from what I see in theaters. 

I stand strongly to my sexuality and if #millenialpink does not understand our #hugot due to”generation gap”… then let me simply say … 
You won’t enjoy the #liberty to shout out your feelings to the world without the #thunderbeki who fought for you basic rights to #love and #expressyourself . #respect 

Nuff said.

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Hoy besh… #malaya Ka na.  Wag Kang #humugot dyan as if maging kayo. #feelingera101

Walang sino man ang makapagsasabing alipin ka dahil ikaw ang may hawak ng sarili mong tadhana.  
Ikaw, higit kanino man ang makakapagsabi ng iyong kinabukasan. Hindi nakasalalay sa iilan at sa isang tao… kahit na siya pa ang lalake sa mga panaginip mo.
Ikaw Ay ikaw. #malaya
#happyindependenceday #pinoygay #kalayaan101 #hugot101 #singlegayguy #diaryofasinglegayguy 
🚹Raven Malubay-Jugueta Bermudez

#redshoechronicle : a review of #bench7pulgada

I seldom hire masseurs from Facebook granted some of my past experiences says it all – they either practice #dagdagbawas in describing themselves or some are just plain thief who thinks that “you can get away with murder just because he is good looking”.  Come on….

So before I hire anyone for that matter – research research research 

Until this guy came along… posting tempting things on my timeline.  Below are some of his teasers as if a 10seconder ad that would shook up heaven once opened.

So needless to say… send out messages to my next possibility and he did responded quickly.  Straight to the point… walang halong drama.  Ambilis kausap… PAKKKKKK super express.

Ang lugar ng pulot gata:  sogo monumento.  Alin dun, bahala Ka ng mag isip.  Di naman ako narito para mag review ng place nuh.

PUNCTUALITY 8/10:  set date is May 29 round 5PM.  I cancelled some of my schedule just to make it on time.  Everytime na lumalabas ako ng bahay, I make sure na nakaayos ang lakad ko para di sayang sa oras.  NASA monumento na ako around 430 and asked him with his whereabouts pero si kuya Hindi makapag bigay ng straight answer.  Dahil mainit…. marcha na ako sa sogo.  I waited 30mins bago siya nakarating.  This is a HUGE NO for me granted I came from the far flung mountains of Valenzuela.  

AESTHETICS 6/10 :  nagoyo yata ako.  Unang bungad pa Lang sa pinto…. kaya pala headless ang post nya sa FB.  Ika nga “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ” keme.  

He is not the usual guy that I am used to hire.  Always give and take yan.  Minsan gwapo pero pagdating sa body, ok na ako kung makinis pero wag naman sana mukhang Jollibee ang abs.  Minsan yung Ibang hire ko, wala Kang masasabi sa six packs, makinis pero ang face… Basta masayahin and walang pimples gow.  Minsan combo – gwapo, Makinis, matangkad pero Layla Dee naman sa kama.   Dyusko Baka mamura ko lang yun pag ganun.  Case in point:  Zander of 69Essensa.  

So granted with all of my escapades na pinag samasama… ako pa ba ang choosy.  Hahahahha so go na nga and let’s be done with it na nga Lang ang motto ko for the day. 

HYGIENE N/A:  naligo siya pagdating kaya Amoy sogo soap na siya ng tumabi na sa akin.

DEMEANOR 9/10 : mabait and magalang siya in Fairview. Medyo di ako palasalita that time kasi nga parang gusto ko ng iexpress ang buong session.  In fact naka handa na nga akong mag text ng Ibang masseur kasi sayang naman ang Accommodation ko.  But siyempre andyan na si masseur, try ko na rin at baka magaling naman.  Then he tries to engage me sa conversation.  We were watching the news by that time.  Kaya timely ang usapan namin dahil its about martial law sa Mindanao ang point of conversation namin.  In fairness I’m starting to like the session.   Medyo madaldal pala si kuya ng konti kaya ng magsimula kaming mag usap… yun na…. tuloy tuloy na ang kwentuhan.  He stop Lang when he felt na medyo dinadama ko na ang masahe nya.

MASSAGE 10/10 :  speaking of massage,  perfect.  His tricks are a bit mechanical but he knows The good spot. Opportunity ko talaga ang legs since I like doing squats and he was the first person na nagsabi na marami akong lamig …of all places… sa binti.  Dun siya nag concentrate and I could feel yung bawat strokes nya. Hindi siya nagmadali – fluid ang motion and dahan dahan. Take note:  may Baon siyang baby oil.  Handa si kuya.  Others won’t even bring anything at all which makes it sooo inis kasi nga they are expected to do massage tapos wala….. (mala Kris ang tono).

TOOL 10/10:  shutang ina besh.  Anlaki!  Hindi pahaba yung dick pero dyusko ang circumference… you’ll go around and around.  Anshoba anshorap ishubo besh.  Dito yata binigay ang biyaya.  Ang shigash shigash besh the whole shession.   Shino ba naman akesh para tumangi.   

E/S 10/10:  Ay shus besh…. fucker na…  concert artist pa.  Shumbling ako besh.  Nakilala ko na ang Kama shutra because of him.  He knows and ibat Ibang style and I’m there for the whole ride.  Ang mga hanging legs ko na nag iba iba ng position from North, West, South and East.  Ayaw rin naman pakabog sa pagbirit…  mega 69 ang labanan.  Hindi nga Lang ako nakipag French and Canadian kiss dahil nga di ko mashadong bet ang menu pero winner si kuya in all other aspects.  

Besh eto na nga ba… ang moment of truth.  Enter Dick-zilla.  Dyusko! virginal pala ako.  Sobrang akala ko na dobol fuck ako.  Maliit pa pala ang pwerta ko besh.  Siguro pinaka memorable sa akin nang napasigaw ako “TANGNA…. ANLAKE.”  Hahahahhaha.   I’m sooo madumi.

DAMAGE 1500 :  not bad.  Actually 1200 ang complete package.  Nagdagdag lang ako kasi perform naman talaga si kuya regardless kung anuman ang opinion ko with his aesthetics.  Not bad mga beshies dahil super affordable and Hindi maarte ang masseur na ito so I highly recommend sa mga mamshie who wants the ultimate experience pero Pasok sa budget nang mapiling ina.  Pero kung choosy Ka besh…. pass Ka muna with this guy.  You could get in touch thru his Facebook which I posted above or via text 09193894324

 PROOF OF PURCHASE:  unfiltered pics below