video review: a heartwarming LOVE story in the film ‘shelter’

i love to watch gay films but this movie is special…since it strums a bit of my heart strings.




SHELTER is a movie about a confused young artist torn between his family and future created by Jonah Markowitz.  The film is set in San Pedro, Los Angeles where Zach (Trevor Wright) toils his day as a cook in a diner and acts as a surogate father to his 5 year old niece Cody (Jackson Wurth). However, this young artist holds his future to help in the house after his mother died.  His irresponsible sister and Cody’s mom played by Tina Holmes often ask Zach’s supoort. 


Then comes the writer Shaun (Brad Rowe) who happens to be his best friends brother came back to Los Angeles to nestle a broken heart.  The two hit it off as surfing buddies and a spark continues after a beer session. 


It was nice to watch a gay film that both main characters are healthy (meaning no AIDS) and non-promiscous (im not complaining though…i always love to watch man to man action) individuals.  This film has presented another spectrum of character embedded within the gay community that no one knew has even existed.  Its romance at its finest.


i felt that i can relate to Zach’s character.  its almost as if it was tailor fitted to me.  I am currently the bread winner in our home and takes good care of my sisters family.  Dont even ask where is my sisters husband since the bastard has left my four nieces!! Though my sister is not like Tina Holmes character, she tried to help around the house by managing it.  She has never been selfish and knew my current disposition.  she knew what i have dreamed of someday and never caused any troubles in my way.  Hell, she has always been there in my worst moments. She knew for a fact that someday we have to let go of each other and try to live our own lives.  But of course, how can you let go of your own blood if she doesnt have the means to feed her children. So the inner battle between a good brother and independence is still a question i need to answer in due time.


as i watched the film, i kept on wondering if can still find my own Shaun?  the guy who would help me in all of my troubles.  Sure…Zach has the physical attibutes that any gay man can be proud of which i always dreamed of having instead of this old face im wearing everyday.


Plus it has a has great soundtrack created by Shane Mack.  honestly, i thought girl vocalist when i was first heard the song  ‘lie to me’ BUT i guess my hearing capability are quite unrealiable as well hahahahaha!  the song is profound, simple and romantic that you could sing to you boyfriend every day.  so if you havent watched the film…come on buy one today and i bet my cute ass youll love it!


here is a clip of ‘lie to me’ music video.  enjoy!:


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