Regine Velasquez ode to ‘heart survivors’

i can still remember when i started humming ‘YOUVE MADE ME STRONGER’ by Regine Velasquez during my heydays in high school.  Aside from the fact that she has released this song after the BIG BREAK-UP between Regine and Ariel Rivera… I, too were nursing a broken heart as well..(parati naman eh).


And hanggang ngayon naging national anthem ko na ang song na ito … even after so many years and after ive been able to overcome a tragic loss.  I just somehow remember when i heard a Pinoy Idol contestant singing this song with rock flair.  PLUS, im clipping a video that i find cute and funny as an ode for this song done by sweetiewitch at youtube.


So start humming the song and enjoy the great video clip above.


You’ve Made Me Stronger

Regine Velasquez


Is it hard to believe I’m okay

After all, it’s been a while since you walked away

I’m way past crying over your finding someone new

You turned my days into bright

But now I see the light

And this may be a big surprise to you



(But/’Cause) you’ve made me stronger by breaking my heart

You ended my life and made a better one start

You’ve taught me everything from fallin’ in love

To letting go of a lie


Yes, you’ve made me stronger, baby, by saying goodbye



If you’d rather believe I’m not over you

Go ahead-there’s nothing wrong with making believe

I know ’cause I used to pretend you’d come back to me

But time has been such a friend

Brought me to my senses again

And I have you to thank for setting me free


(Repeat Refrain)


Think again

Don’t feel so sorry for me, my friend

Oh, don’t you know

I’m not the one at the losing end.


(Repeat Refrain twice moving into higher notes ’till fade)


You made stronger by saying


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