the most HEARTBREAKING messages I have read…

The greatest battle ever fought by anyone, from any walks of life is ‘the fight for love’. There has always been someone who is bound to cry and shed a tear or two.  I should know, because i know how a tear taste like.

i could still remember how i kept on reading all his text messages; carefully hidden in my mobile as i digest each words.  His pledge of love and other corny stuff that even Big Bird will hurl because of its cheesinessssss.

Attempted to call him but never had the courage to press thy keypad.  hmmmm those were the days.  But anyway, here are some text messages i have collected that will surely break your heart as well.  Enjoy!

HANKY 1: ‘If pain must come, may it come quickly, because I have a life to live and I need to live it in the best way possible.  If he has to make a choice, may he make it now, then I will either wait for him or forget him…waiting is painful.  Forgetting is painful but not knowing which to do is worst kind of suffering’ – Paulo Coelho.


its so hard pretending to be friends with someone special.

When every time you look at that person, it just hurts even more.

Knowing that all you see is

ultimately everything that you want but you cant have


‘it is right butterfly? They like you better framed and dried’ – Tori Amos


sometimes in our life, we play with love…

but when the time comes and you finally realize that you want to get serious…

love plays with you.


kala ko dati once you give-up, tapos na.

Yun pala umpisa pa lang!  bakit mahirap sabihin ang totoo?

Bakit kailangan magpanggap kahit na mahirap?

Ganon siguro ang tao, totoo sa nararamdaman pero sinungaling na pag nasaktan.


What’s the difference between ‘I moved on’ and ‘I forgot you already’?

Wanna know? When you say ‘I forgot you already’ you totally accepted the fact that the person you used to call ‘mine’ is not anymore yours

but when you say ‘I moved on’ – you just realized that its over!  But the feelings still there, you just ignore it.


A devil love this angel but the angel didn’t mind.

One day the devil got sick and was about to die.

Then the angel asked, ‘why are you living me?’

The devil answered, ‘so I can be your angel and love you forever!’

(ultimate sacrifice – A.J.)


people see me as a strong, happy and blessed person…

but behind those smiles,

they just don’t know how much im in pain and almost ‘broken’.


Love not too much, but real.

Prepare to get hurt , but don’t complain.

Love is not being happy all the time,

feel free to cry for a while but love like you’ve never lost your smile.


A sparrow is in love with a white rose.

One day the bird proposed to the rosethe white rose told him that when he turns red that’s the only time shell love him.

Then, the sparrow cut his body and spread his blood on the rose.

The rose turned red and fell in love with the sparrow but the sparrow is no longer alive.

LOVE…sometimes sacrifices are useless…especially if that someone doesn’t know how to appreciate.

They’ll come to realized that important things when its already too late.

48 thoughts on “the most HEARTBREAKING messages I have read…

  1. hi i read your blog… its very uplifting. i’ve been also in this heartbreaking situation but i guess i moved on… =)

  2. all i had

    He ws al i had,bt nw so far gne,cnt get hm bck,outta sight,outta reach,al i’v evr known,al i evr had,went down wit tha sun…

    Felt like ma world hs bn split into two,cried myself to sleep evry nite,thot my world has cum to a halt but then i realised he aint worth it.

    Reading ur messages brought back tha memories and helping me deal wit wt happened.its sad to loose sumone dear to u bt life doesnt hv to end thr,u dnt hav to gve up on luv thts wt im gna du…

    1. thank you for sharing your thought IKEY. Sharing your innermost thoughts and finally writing it down may have been the first step to finally admit what may have happened. I hoped that through this post, it will unburden some excess baggage you may have carried for the longest time. For you IKEY, im sending my warm hugs.

    1. thank you…this i just first of its series… i think there at least more 5 series littered on my blog. you could find under ‘tearjerkers’ or ‘art of letting go’

  3. you always like things which is tough to get it …. I know how it feels to say I can’t …. love is not a business …….

    1. sometimes, as human, we often asked or strive for things which are often too high to grab. we liked the cookie jar up above the shelf wherein you could easily grab the apple right at the table seated graciously in a beautiful basket. We just cant help it, even if mom always told us not to eat those cookies before dinner.

      needless to say, its within our veins to strive for something beyond our means… it seems that when we have been able to get it…its an achievement …rather than love

      but as human, we have the capability to be tired of the endless running and i believe that is where real wisdom comes… when you know its time to let go

  4. neethi meri jaan i love u alot plz understand me …when u love someone , u dnt have words to express urself..but u can feel it if its true..ur hny inder..

    1. falling madly in love with another person has proven the age old phrase ‘love is blind’…

      joel…i feel for you.

      maybe joel…. sometime… on your utmost convenience…. ask her if she could just ‘listen’ to you. communication is everything. it may change whatever scenario you are experiencing right now. sometimes, we have to verbalize what we feel so the other person may know what we feel

      i hope this will help

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