the red shoe chronicle: hearthrob

they say that if you gave another person a chance…they may try to be on their best toes the next time.




this isnt true with hearthrob massage parlor.  the first time i visited this spa, i have never been satisfied nor ‘over the moon’ with their services.  read this short post since im not really in the mood of writing things for this center. read on…


hearthrob is found along aurora blvd.  its a three floor center and the reception is found at the first floor fronting aurora.  if your riding a jeep, you have to ring the bell first since they dont have any guards who would spy on the door if they have any guest.  just imagine the humiliation…arrgggghhhh.  but they have an alternative door which is found at the back.  you wouldnt miss it since there is a burger machine at the corner so all you have to do is just walk a little.


they have the same rate as others, its P300 per room with a masseur of your choice, room, lotions etc.  the center is clean by the way and they take pride of spacious rooms from 2nd to 3rd floor.  but if your looking for a great massage…try the others!!  its not worth your P300.


and guys…please dont take the ‘extra mile’ with this guys…i bet you would be dissapointed as what i have had experience… TWICE!  they are arrogant and they would take the life out of your wallet from a shammy job!  let us just say that if you take a job, try to finish it.  PLUS not everything is pointing north (if you get what i meant)

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