Dennis ‘sexy superhero’ Trillo

‘Mata palang ulam na…’

a gay have uttered once he saw the local actor/model Dennis Trillo in the boob tube.  He gushes relentlessly and how he fills his fantasy every single night.  In fact, his ceiling is filled with the actors hunky pictures, one can admire his persistence in sticking those posters.


I, for a fact love Trillo as well.  Though his image as “good boy” has been lambasted by public media for cradling two girls at one time has greatly dented his clean look image.  But thank GOD with his last TV series who saved his career as kids and gays alike has found a new superhero (but have you seen his bulge as it screams its full glory in national TV hahahaha.  My friends all drool as they fondly await the crotch tight fitted costume superhero.)


But kidding aside…Dennis marks his success through the award winning transvestite role of Aishite Mas’ (i hope i got the spelling right) which has greatly contributed to its showbiz career.  He gained the nod and respect among critics but also gained the trust and a multitude of gay fans in the pink community as well.

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