outdoor date suggestions with Alfred Vargas

What if you and Alfred Vargas have a date? But not that typical date… lighted candles nor dinner for two in an elegant restaurant.  An ordinary ‘come-with-me-outdoors-and-have-some-fun-with-nature’ type kind of date. What F.U.N. actvities do you have in mind?

Well here are some suggestions that i have in mind

1. STRETCHING – well… i could stretch my legs anytime he wants!  Let the cool air come in.. wooosssshh

2. GARDENING – well…the trees and flowers needs some water as well.  They are living creatures as well who deserves H2O and i bet ….  anyone would like to hold Alfred’s hose ANYTIME!
3. HORSE BACK RIDING – i havent tried one and i would LOVE if Alfred will teach me how.  But of course, im afraid and i need those sturdy arms to guide … the horse.  Just imagine… im riding the horse with Alfred, while we slowly gallops in the mist….
4. SWIMMING – well, well well…. nothing beats a fresh dip in the water with a hottie like Alfred.  Its far more exciting if we went all OUT.  No swimming trunks to prevent our motion!  Nude swimming at its finest.  Just look at the picture below… you could almost imagine if he undresses in front of you..
Plus, the next post will give you a brief view what does Alfred looks like when WET!

5 thoughts on “outdoor date suggestions with Alfred Vargas

  1. i wanna try those things soon with somebody else… i wish it wuld be alfred… im his big fan… 🙂 he is not just an artist but a man with degree in a reputable school…. and hi is darn hot!!!

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