bumpers and drivers….

Drinking and driving are two fundamental words that can’t be joined together all at the same time.


I learned it the hard way.


Last Sunday, after three bottles of Red Horse mucho that I shared with a league of friends, we decided to go out and paint the town in pink.


As I go and get my car and thread my way to my friend’s salon where they enthusiastically waited for me, I made a terrible calculation.


As I turn, with fuzzy alcohol spirit on my head, I bumped my car to a lamp post.


Go figure which was disfigured…


Good thing that im not driving too fast. It’s just a slight dent on my bumper and my brother in law told me that it may have been slightly damaged the condenser of my car




But you know what, I like driving after drinking a few beers.  It relieves my nervousness while behind the wheels.  It keeps me on my toes and I drive far better.  I guess that is my honest opinion.


But of course, don’t drink too much more than your minimum, just a piece of advice


Originally posted last December 11, 2007 from my former blog http://www.allanworld.i.ph

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