friends… kaibigan… ka-chokaran….


Guys…I can’t thank you enough for my yet another example of a dramatic anthology. Thank you for keeping me warm and grounded. 


Sometimes I say to myself…why do I kept on opening doors pero sa banding huli …eto ako umiiyak. Napakaiyakin ko pa naman..hehehehe. Pero ang masaya dun…every time I go out crying … nandyan nag-aantay sa labas ng pinto…kayong LAHAT – parang always may Edsa Revolution at may dala dalang placards:




confetti falling…


cheers are louder than I thought….


Shouting terms of endearment


…and a case full of red horse are just in front of me. ansarap magkaroon ng kaibigan tulad niyo…. Wag sanang kayong magsawa. And don’t worry OK na OK ako ngayon!


Ika nga ng isa sa mga texter:


Never dream of a perfect person to love,

For it can only happen in our dreams

And in this life, we have to settle with someone who ever comes…


Someone not perfect but REAL!  


Originally posted last March 22, 2006 from my former blog

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