the art of letting go (part 1)

one of the painful tragedies in life is the so called

‘break up’, matched by the most awful medicine prescribed by heart doctors – ‘letting go’.

I should know since I’ve seen both sides of the coin and without the help of friends and comrades, I may have been writing this blog in a loony bin.  As time passes, i have collected some quotable quotes or text messages which I would like to share.  Believe me, it might sound corny but these messages may be able to brighten up your cloudy sky.  Read along….


If love becomes painful…

Its time to let that love go and save yourself

You got to keep this in mind ‘you’ll be able to find another love but not another self’


In life you will realize that the people you meet have a purpose.

Some were put there to test you…

some would use you (and I learned this the hard way…jeeezzz)

some would teach you

some would bring out the better if not the best in you.

Some may even cause you pain and heartache

BUT one must learn to move on…

so let go of the people who can’t treat you right and hold on to those who love your back and see your worth.


You can never find rest until you finally let go of the hatred that fits your heart


‘I’m starting to learn.

You can’t make someone love you.

You can’t make someone be faithful to you.

You can’t control your own faith sometimes.

Things happen: good, bad, indifferent.

You just have to let some things go and hope for the best


Love is neither about judging nor being a perfectionist.

Loveis about accepting, understanding and self sacrificing and most of all,

Love is supposed to make you happy, dear….

not stupid!


The best part of being in love is when you just love a person and be happy about it.

Even if that person can never be yours, even if you know that it can lasts forever!

That’s the true essence of love.

It’s not about winning someone.

It’s not about owning a relationship.

It’s just about being happy because you know you’ve loved someone.

It’s about being guiltless because you know you didn’t take away someone from anybody.

You just love and love unselfishly.


If an angel and devil were to fall in love with each other…

Can there be love with each other?

Can their love transcend the law of heaven and hell?

Can the angel set her wings on fire?

Can the devil soar at the day light?

This is faith’s decree


Love can’t change what aren’t meant to be


Kapag niloloko ka na at madalas pinagmumukha kang tanga at bukod sayo ay meron pang iba?

Kahit mahal mo siya dapat ng iwan.

Stop torturing yourself dahil wala pang medalya para sa TANGA!


It doesn’t make you less of  a person if you don’t belong to somebody, but don’t get so caught up and stick with someone and fail to get to know  and meet others.

You don’t need to have them to feel good about yourself.

14 thoughts on “the art of letting go (part 1)

  1. so hard to let go talaga the person who became a big part of your life. its take time para lang maka recover.i already experience letting go someone…SO HARD’ i change environment,what i mean i go to the other place para mag bakasyon,malibang,meet new people,but the more i am having fun, the more i miss him..GrRrR’ weird,i try to text him HI or HELLO’ he keep on telling me that he still love me, but i know ITS ONLY a word from him, he change a lot kasi and i feel my IBA n…

  2. Telling someone to let go is much easier said than done…what do you do when you go to bed at night and tell yourself 100 times…”this is it, i’m over this person, i’m liberated and tomorrow will be a new start” until you wake up in the morning and they are still on your mind, without any control of your own? I’ve been in love with this guy for 2 years, and i don’t think he has a clue. I’m afraid to tell him because of course he’ll think i’m crazy. So time just drags on and I keep praying i’ll meet someone else, but at the end of the day, all of my signs always end up pointing to him. So tell me how i’m supposed to get over it? My heart is far stronger than my mind

  3. peachy… i think you are a brave person.

    really… kasi i was once on your shoes rin. i have to say goodbye or else – i have to choose between sanity and desperation by that time. its one of the most gruelling and toughest decision i have to make. its hard… really. i may have place a brave front by that time pero deep inside ‘ IM BLEEDING ‘.

    but i have to forego a special friend and i think the most hardest part of it is … i found out he never misses me at all.


    anyway. mabuti na lang, eventhough medyo mahirap. i moved on

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