Do you believe in SECOND CHANCE?

Some people say it’s a myth… but the beauty of the word ‘second chance’ applies to any colors of relationships – either business, career, games but mostly used in ‘love’.


Relationships had always been the battleground of two distinct souls and obviously with mutual understanding.


Bonded by serendipity…


Food for others…


Blood types…

Their puppies…


Arts and crafts for some…


Guess relationships vary in so many distinct shapes and sizes.


Some … relationships grows even on the strangest scenario …text messages. 


Come on… you’ve heard this story from a lot of people… falling in love with the other guy or girl even without knowing the shapes of their faces. I knew a couple of people who smiles in front of their mobile phones, giggling with googly eyes and kissing their mobile screens as if it’s the lips of their dear text mates.


No prejudice here… for who am I to judge since I’m on the same boat with them and enjoying the ride.


Going back to the topic… They say that when it comes knocking on your door…like opportunity which knocks only once…grab it before you loose sight of it.



I BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANCE…for if there is no such thing…the world would be a battlefield of first time mistakes and offense. Nothing in this world could be firm enough to stand.


Second chance is better.  


It gave you the freedom to rekindle lost flames.

We try to correct things which we have made mistakes with.

We cherish other people far better

…and look at them on a different perspective.

It illuminates and shines light to darker corners of our head

And we discover a more meaning in him.



Yes we made mistakes… ‘To err is human’ as a famous person once quoted.


‘And to make mistakes also makes a person human…


No judgment.                                                                   


And it’s nobler for any person to admit he had committed terrible judgments or wrong moves.  For me, I guess im just a lucky so and so…My ‘second chance’ metamorphosis’s on a different form – im happy that friendship was given once again. It may take a little time to heal the wounds of the past but… hey! It’s the SECOND CHANCE id like to take.


No more expectations. I’m just plainly … happy.


And to you… thanks.


Originally posted last March 19, 2006 from my former blog

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