RAFAEL ROSELL… ohhh one HOT hunk in briefs!

https://i2.wp.com/i44.photobucket.com/albums/f33/allanworld/RafaelRosel.jpgWhat if you are driving down Edsa and you saw a gigantic ad about an underwear?

Will you stop or will you drive ahead?


You will probably just pass by and keep on driving but what if a gorgeous young man by the name of Rafael Rosell  flaunts his stuff and spreads its legs wider than expected apart from the traditional ad campaigns that other underwear companies has.  What if you see this picture at the left side of the panel?  What will you do? 


I bet this billboard has created one traffic hell the first time it has finally laid down the busy street of Edsa wherein various ads from shirts to soaps are buying your attention. 

I will never forget when I first saw this billboard.  I was riding MRT by then coming from Makati until my eyes finally caught this huge ad.  I bet almost everyone on the window side is all glaring and awed with this one sinfully delicious hunk!

Below are the series of Bench underwear featuring Rafael.  If you have something to contribute, feel free to send it at my mailbox: wagingwagi@yahoo.com

For the meantime, enjoy the pictures that I have collected in the internet.








20 thoughts on “RAFAEL ROSELL… ohhh one HOT hunk in briefs!

    1. well…. i just hope rafael could pass by and read your wonderful adoration. since you gave your email, i could add you on my own friendster. i may not have the body nor the looks of rafael… but im the blogger who created this thingy heheheheheheh i have nothing to offer.

    1. well…thank you for your comment and the cell number as well. i just hope that rafael would be able to gaze on this blog site…. you may never know…


  1. yup… i agree francis…

    not just the underarm but even other parts of his body…hahahahahah

    im such a huge fan of rafael as well and i hope one day i could finally meet him in person

    there was one instance when the company im working with got his services as a host on one of our events BUT sadly i didnt catch him because of a sort of unfortunate events


    haaaayyyyyy….its just a wish ….

  2. In these still images Rafael has a beautiful, desirable body. the “bench” photo, I must honestly say looks too touched up. His torso is almost animated.
    But Ralphie is looking good. I want to see more of him. Thanks!

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