where art thou? HAROLD PINEDA – ‘The Telag King’


One of the most daring sexy actors in the early 90’s and binansagang TELAG KING?

YUP… according to the great grapevine, the naturally fully endowed actor’s ‘junior‘never misses to salute and showbiz reporters can touch ‘Mr. Big Bird’ as well.  As the saying goes ‘TO TOUCH IS TO BELIEVE’

Harold Pineda won the 1998 Ginoong Filipinas and starred on several sexy films including the highly acclaimed Jerry Jeturian’s ‘Pila Balde’.  But Harold is popularly known among the gay circuit with his daring pictures.  He never leaves anything to our imagination as he shows ‘Big Bird’ to everyone.  Below are some of his ‘conservative’ images.  You could also visit miong21.blogspot.com and simplymanila.blogspot.com if you are craving for more.  Enjoy surfing!

Do you still remember HAROLD PINEDA? i bet you do.

8 thoughts on “where art thou? HAROLD PINEDA – ‘The Telag King’

  1. Naging bartender sya sa Macau, may jowa na din pareho sila may anak, ung jowa nya 20 anyos lang ata. Haha, bagsak na yang si harold Pineda. Search nyo sa facebook ” Matt Erich”

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