Meet Rafael Quimpo Rosell IV or better known as RAFAEL ROSELL.


Born and raised in Norway, he found his way into Philippine entertainment when a friend of his mom suggested that they send over some tapes and pictures to a local TV network, and soon, Rafael was gracing the TV screens with his killer good looks and undeniable charm.  I bet everyone knew Rafael as the guy throwing kisses in the toothpaste commercial.  His ‘butterfly kisses’ has set his foot flat in local show business and into the hearts Pinoys’.  


But what makes him a household name and a fantasy amongst gay men is when he was chosen as the Bench underwear guy.  Remember those sinfully delicious billboards in Edsa.  His wearing nothing other than his briefs. Hmmmmmm! (thank you Ben Chan for your awesome images of Rafael…I love BENCH).

It’s obvious why he is that popular because this man candy has the looks and body ‘to die for’ (so to speak).  Currently, an exclusive artist under a major TV network and has been featured as one of the leading actors on some of the most popular local films including ‘Bikini Open’, 

So dear readers…. here are his pictures that I have googled in the cyberspace…Enjoy….



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