conversations with a mocking bird


April 6, 2006 – As I stand in the middle of ‘Single Ville’, just trying to breathe the air of ‘freedom’, a silver mocking bird flew over my shoulder.


The mocking bird whispers…’would there be a possibility for you to know a person….’

I answered nonchalantly…’sure…I could always be a… friend’

The mocking bird replied ‘how about ‘beyond’ friendship…would you like to give it a try’



I stood silent.  I am trying to find the right words.  Endless ‘what if’ were jotted down from a little brain of mine.


I could just feel my heart quiver… But my brain still stands silent…


Sometimes…my heart and brain doesn’t agree on certain degrees but this time…one doesn’t answer…just stood silent.


The silver mocking bird again asked ‘hey…what if…just what if…’


I replied…’sure…what if’

The mocking bird sings ‘just look at the fellow on the coffee shop…’


Its Paul… with his sunshine smile.


I fondly call him ‘Papa Bear’ because of his height and huge physique – defined muscles I may add. I always kid around him, running circles. I always take the comfort of holding or hugging him. I sometimes sit on his lap and as if a wee kid who tried to snuggle him, wrapping my arms around his huge shoulders.


A charming and silent type of guy who always bestows that ‘sunshine smile’ once you call his name. In fact a very sweet guy, with so many surprises up on his sleeves. Thank you for the ‘Go Nuts Donuts’.


The mocking bird winks and asks once again … ‘so…’


My heart beats… My brain…still stood silent


.. An uncertain phenomenon.


I reached out my hand and whispers ‘…there is no harm in trying …let’s see if we could pull it off’


I smiled.


Lets give it a try… i’m not promising anything but lets see. I’m open to possibilities.


To know you more …


BUT I just can’t promise anything. As they say there are two sides of a coin…either of the two can write the next chapters of our ‘what if…story’

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