of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP (here we go again)


April 24,2006 – One of the fervent questions in the history of men and women is not what you think it is.  Even ‘where do men originated?’ has been overthrown by this simple question with multitude of answers with various results when applied…


‘Will you say you’re in LOVE with your … best friend?’


It’s the same irony that I have been for the past few weeks – falling in love with a friend. I refrained from acting on my feeling since I knew from the start that I may be gambling too far and so much to loose – loosing friendship.


MYMP rendition of ‘constantly’ has this thing to say


Haven’t known you that long

So I tried to deny it

But the feeling was much too much too strong


Should I play this game?

Of just being your friend

When I know that’s not what I want to end


And I don’t want to cause no trouble

Between you and I and your lover

But I must tell you what I’m going through

Every time you walk by, I see love in your eyes


It has pretty much defined what I felt so Id rather used the next huge step – letting him know how much I felt even without using words.


If you really love a person “show it”

It will be sweeter than “telling it”

But if you don’t love that person anymore just “tell it”

It will be better than “showing it”…


But then again, how would you be able to breathe life if the object of your affection is just about 2 millimeters from you talking about another boy whom he is infatuated with.  Would you be able to see him kissing another guy without him knowing what you feel on the first place?


I have been holding my feeling for more than 2 months because of various reasons:


1. Friendship

2. He was involved with someone else the first time we met

3. He broke up and mending a broken heart will take you time (trust me …I know)


I have to gamble or else, if ill die tomorrow; this will fall under ‘unfinished businesses. Remember the rule of thumb for ghosts, they come back to haunt the living because of unfinished business…


Now, though your answer is ‘I respect you’ and ‘you’re a big bro’, its far more better to hear rather than never letting you know how much I felt.  Now I could move on and spot my next ‘Romeo’…


As what this text has profoundly expressed….


Sabi nila huwag daw hanapin ang taong itinadhana sayo,

Maghintay ka…kusa siyang darating sa buhay mo – maghintay ka lang.




Paano kung hinihintay ka rin niya?

Di hindi na kayo nagkita?!!

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