a ‘dirty’ little web he spins

August 14, 2006 – a loong 2 weeks for me…


our company brought in 9 pinoy kids from the UK to promote their current album which was released by our our label.  some of this kids i have worked before namely sarah and stephanie.  The rest are just new…


i knew you dont understand my language so far but ill get to the bottom of the story after i gave you a backgrounder.


the group is a part of our annual charity project wherein we dedicate an album solely for the purpose of fund-raising. And this one is like the other two albums which i have promoted before.  Including on the promo basket is a series of mall shows on some parts of manila and provinces.


they are composed of 8 girls and 1 boy whose name is James.  from kids to pre-teens, so youll get the full picture everytime we went on one place, breathing the very same space…huh!!!! chaos arises, a lot of screaming ang giggling!!!


we have a sponsor, whose name is derived from a popular comic hero.  a middle aged men who loves to rap and composed his own songs.  i discovered him throguh a songwriting tilt – wherein i was chosen as one of the judges.


i got him as a host and indeed, he have done a great job in luring shoppers in our shows.


but the problem is just starting…


At the backstage where everyone felt comfortable with each other, the ugly head of malice and indecency has sprung a leak in a fun and wholesome children show.


apparently, one of the members of this kid group (who is by the way TOO YOUNG ranging from 11 to 13 years of age only) has grown an affection to the host.


then that awful phrase which was heard by one of the parents ‘minassage ko na nga yung suso ko para lumaki para lang kay ****…….’


imagine a pre-teener telling it to someone else, growing affection with more than half her age.


one thing is imaginable…suspend the host.  yup i have suspended him before anything graveous imaginable could be done!!!!!

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