road offenses of a ‘foolish’ heart


It seems I have been hitting a lot of stop lights in the ‘love highway’ lately.


I’m not a perfect driver, I just act in behalf of what I really wanted at the moment but it seems its NOT working well.  Cupid has been halting this baby for several offenses such as


* MU without feelings

* Friends crossing the love line


And the latest

* Zigzagging the love express


Yup…I’m guilty as charged.


Honestly, I’m TOO tired – In its truest sense. That’s why, I’m hitting the break. I have been driving this ‘love bug’ for several months and still …no luck.  In the meantime, I just have to stop my foolish heart.


Simply stop looking.


I just remembered a text which was sent to me awhile ago…


Kapag iniwan ka ng mahal mo

Pwede ba wag kang magmukmok



Kesa umiyak…

Mag-paguwapo ka


Pa-hot oil

Pa-foot spa

Pa-sexy ka

At sabihin mo sa kanya

O ngayun! Punyeta, maglaway ka!


BULLS EYE! I think, lately, I lost a lot of ‘myself’ for the past few months.  I have to treat myself special. Just wait for my return …and you will see a new me.

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