‘U deserve better’ … silly ploy


You deserve better…


One of the oldest line of ‘how to let go …so fcuk* off’ help book and was used by millions of relationship blasters all throughout human history. Maybe even ‘the greatest lover’ of all time – Don Juan De Marco uses this phrase sooo many times from his misadventures and I bet there is a another fellow who would use this line right at this very minute somewhere in the world. SILLY, isn’t it!


I mean, why use the phrase when you just meant


‘GOD…I hate your perfume…’

or ‘Men, I no longer dig you’


– just to make the fall the easier?


NEWS FLASH! Any FALL could hurt anybody. Hell, when I fall off the stairs when I was 7 or 8 years old, I bumped my head in the last step and got 2 to 3 bruises all at the same time. I even got a fever on the next day…for Pete’s sake.


No one is perfect for another person and no one will ever be … so how come people use this silly phrase if you just simply meant ‘goodbye’.


Take for example Louis the XVI and her wife who were beheaded by France because using the countries wealth for their lavish parties while its citizens were starving to death.


How about Imelda Marcos and Ferdinand Marcos? They were kicked-off the island because using country’s resources for their own good. The guy is obviously a great ruler but definitely the wife is another character by itself – who loves glamour and money more than anything else in the world. Hell, why just look for the word ‘immeldific’ in the dictiornary and it is defined as too much addiction on shoes.

No one ever deserves one another. What we have are just mutual feelings that grew right in between spaces. These are feelings that even words and logic can’t define. This, my friend, is what psychology majors call ‘love’. Without it, the world will be an endless search for the equation of life and coffee, searching things without meaning.


Because love is the only statement that gives an inanimate object a certain direction – this includes ‘US’


Why do we even want to finish studies?  To have a job of our own and enough money to build a family.


Why do we need to search for cure of a simple cough or cold?  To give our love ones a medication that would relieve them from the pain of coughing and sneezing in public.


Why do we search for someone?  To feel life over and over and over again. And once found – a sense of direction and focus will be achieved.



So please, ‘…you deserve better’ is hardly a statement that would sweep me off my feet. Be honest and everything will come into places…even if the truth will hurt you sooo badly.

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