bedtime fantasy with Chaiwat Tongsaeng

I just cant simply help it.

with such glorious eyes that could melt icebergs and a sizzling hot body to die for – one gay guy can simply imagine what will we do if Ith and I were trapped in one room. 

here are my THINGS TO DO LIST which i have listed

1. STARE… i could last the whole day just by simply staring at him (drool)
2. TAKE A BATH… this is one swell idea and just look at the towel he had prepared.  we could share the tiny towel hehehehehehehehe
3.  PLAYTIME … we could play anything.  Since we are inside the room, wellllll, the bed occupies so much space so games that you could play on top the bed can be arranged hehehehehe.  That is a good suggestion Ith, ‘tie-me’ games are exciting and delightful hahahahahaha
4.  HIDE AND SEEK … hehehehehe we could both hide inside the closet hehehehehehe

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