im freakin 30 and i love it….

Im 30.  yup im freakin 30.


Though I can’t even pronounce the number correctly (hello to my English mentor frank), the age catch me like flu.  Pero at least, ngayon, I could finally admit na trenta na gid.


Before, I don’t even want to celebrate my 30th birthday.  In denial pa nga ako pero finally I came to terms and admit na medyo 3 dekada na nga ang nilalagi ko sa mundong ibabaw.


Ang una kong plano sana is a trip to Singapore hanggang sa nagkaroon ng aberya kaya I opted to celebrate here.  But I want it to be fabulous. 


What do you think of 3 days celebration???  One day represents every decade of fun and fab life.


Well, I finally got a leave sa office and that’s how I would like to celebrate.  I’m sure it would be fun as I will be joined by people who are important to me and new acquaintances as well.


Pero for this year, I would ask everyone for 3 things as a gift na naaalala nila pag nasagi ako sa kanilang mga isip.  Remember, 3 regalo kada isa hehehehehe




PS: thank you Karen for the idea…. Heheheheh mwah

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