JOSEPH BITANGCOL – one of the newest teen stars in local biz sheds his ‘pa-cutie cutie’ image by accepting a gay role in the indie film created by no less than award winning director Joel Lamangan ‘Walang Kawala’

I have yet to watch the film though so i can’t say anything if Joseph gave justice to a role far from his comfort zone.  ika nga, ‘its a tall order’ for an new actor.  Anyway, lahat naman nagsisimula sa umpisa…somewhere.  Just look at Dennis Trillo’s phenomenal success in Aishite Mas (tama ba ang spelling???) film wherein he played the role of a transvestite set in World War 2.  Dennis had proven that his ‘career move’ is correct when he bagged numerous awards and critical acclaim based from his potrayal. 

Just a BRIEF background for our foreign friends.  Joseph Bitangcol has a short profile as an actor and yet, he needs to build it up.  He started in a reality talent search by one of the local TV stations (ABS-CBN) called ‘Star Circle Quest’ way back in 2004.  He did’nt make the final TOP 5 but made it as far as the ‘Magic Circle of 10’.  After the contest, he became the stations talent and starred on youth-oriented and wholesome shows such as “SCQ RELOADED”.  He is also included in a horror-fantasy series ‘SPIRITS’.  His debut romantic-comdey flick in 2005 is aptly called ‘D LUCKY ONES’ starring Korean expat and former girlfriend Sandara Park.

After his contract with the said station, he signed another exclusive contract on its rival TV network (GMA7). He portrayed a mature role in a drama series including ‘BABANGON AKOT DUDURUGIN KITA’ and ‘SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA’

Anyhow, it’s a ‘risque’ career move but let us just hope for the best.  Below are some of his ‘daring’ images based from his character.  Payo lang kaibigan, sana you made an effort to trim your physical attributes kasi halata pa ang baby fats… yun lang and i hope he is alo open with this suggestions lalo na ang pinasukan niyang image eh medyo mature na… WALANG PIKUNAN (bow)


  1. nge….
    i wish ako nga yang si Joseph hahahahahhaha…
    if your asking kung nasaan siya??? well, you may as well frolic GMA station…baka nandun siya…nag taping hahahahahahha

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