Paolo Rivero.. one ‘daring’ actor



he was nominated for Gawad Urian in 2002 for his debut movie TORO (live show) which was tagged by the Philippine Ratings Board ‘unfit’ to be shown in local theaters. 

PAOLO RIVERO’s debut film created by no less than Jose Javier Reyes was one controversial film that was shown on several film festivals abroad.  His provincial and almost innocent looks may have been the reason why he was bagged to play the role of Rolly as it characterizes the persona of an individual in the grip of poverty and hunger – ika nga ‘sa taong kumakalam ang tyan, kahit sa patilim kumakapit’

As i google his profile, only a few things were said about the said actor other than focusing on how daring this young blood is.  He have made several films after ‘Live Show’ lincluding “Naghuhumiyaw: Masahol Pa Sa Hayop” in 2000; “Venus: Diosa ng kagandahan”, “Amorseko: Damong ligaw” and “Kasibulan” in 2001; “Bahid”, “Prosti”, “Tampisaw”, “Eskandalosa”, “Hinog sa pilit” and “Buko pandan” in 2002; “Sanib” and “The Cory Quirino Kidnap: NBI Files” in 2003; “Room Service”, “Karelasyon” and “Saplot” in 2004; and “Masahista” in 2005. He also made TV appearances, one of which was a guesting in one season of Daisy Siete a couple of years back.  He also played as Coco Martins’ lover with a secret life on homo-erotic film ‘Daybreak’ and opposite Jiro Manio for ‘Manay Po 2’

His latest film is the upcoming digital film of Joel Lamangan ‘Walang Kawala’ (No Way out) with equal hottie Polo Raveles, Joseph Bitangcol and introducing Marco Morales.  Below are some of Paolo Riveros past pictorials.  Wala naman sigurong tatangi kung sasabihin kong isa si Paolo Rivero sa mga HOTTIES NG PINAS at ASYA.  Kayo na ang humusga:



2 thoughts on “Paolo Rivero.. one ‘daring’ actor

  1. I love Paolo Rivero to death. There is so little about him on news and internet. Anyone has anything about him such as his personal particulars? Please contribute.

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