video review:Day Break

DAY BREAK, created by Adolf Alix Jr explores the relationship between a boat man and a married man trapped in a relationship who have to both confront their own issues in an evening of revelation. According to its creator, Daybreak depicts the crossroads in that relationship. Which will William (played by Paolo Rivero) choose—his lustful needs or his marriage?

Played by indie films golden boy Coco Martin and Gawad Urian Best Actor nominee Paolo Rivero, the said film were launched in the month of February, 2008 as an alternative date movie recorded the highest grossing indie film by that time.  Its backdrop were set against the picturesque Taal Lake. The misty fog that covers the pine trees at dawn best represents the films core dilemma. The locations geographical location and its majestic ‘day break’ on a golden lake with a volcano at its center are the mian considerations of its creator as revealed in one of his interviews. “I like using nature to represent what’s going on in my character’s relationships,” he explains. “When you think of Tagaytay, you think of cool weather, so it’s definitely an important element in the story.”

the films well captured cinematography is a commendable feat as the films entirety were shot using digital camera.  its simplicity and metaphorical representation has gave the film volume in terms of visuals and telling a story by using representations and images out from the materials you could found inside the house and its environment.  applause! applause!

in my opinion, though the movie tried to break in a unique story set within 24 hours who tried to provide resolution before the end of the film, i felt the movie is quite long, boring and dragging.

i know, i know a lot of people may contest about my review pero sorry po…di talaga ako naging masaya.  i felt, medyo nasayang yung pinambili ko ng DVD (hahahahahahaha).  It just so happen na 3 beses kong inulit yung film dahil inantok ako habang pinapanood ko ito.  yung last nga atang ulit ko eh puro fast forward na lang ang ginawa ko para matapos lang yung film.  para naman masabi ng mga kaibigan ko na napanood ko yung pelikula.  Paano nga pala nag-end yung film??? eeeppp nakalimutan ko (hahahahahahhaa)

ITS TRUE!!! akala nga ng sis ko nagsasayang lang ako ng kuryente pero parang lullaby yung buong film (hahahahahahaha).  The creator may have some reason why he have to make the film agonizingly loooongggg and draggiiiing and its his art and no one can contest about it.

im just saying my opinion as a an audience and consumer so stop throwing rocks at me (ansakit kaya…ouch).

Though i love Coco Martin pero i barely enjoy the film.

One thought on “video review:Day Break

  1. 🙂 hello. uhm, this may seem weird, especially one year after you posted this post, but i wanted to comment anyway. 🙂

    i think that it’s alix’s style. kaya siya naging boring. 🙂 sobrang ganda ng cinematography niya ALWAYS pero parating draggy yung mga stories niya. i’ve not watched any of his works that did not bore me.:)

    kaya. hear hear!

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