Coco Martin: the golden boy of indie film

in local show business, new actors should make maximum impact on its debut efforts or else ‘you may never make it’. sa dami kaya ng artista na nagsusumiksik sa TV at pelikula. you should shine above the rest, ika nga

maganda, matalino, gwapo, maganda ang pangangatawan, may talent man o wala

of course, if this is the main marketing tool for new comers, you might as well ‘SHOCK‘ the local catholic family by choosing a DARING project that will show off your ‘hidden talent’.  this may have been the main reason why talented young actor COCO MARTIN may have chosen the indie film ‘MASAHISTA’ as his debut.  Well… his efforts and self marketing strategy has paved off since aside from the fact that he has a pretty face and a body worthy to drool upon, he got acting talents at par from the other newbies.  opo… the boy got talent!!!!

the Young Critics Circle even awarded him the Best Actor plum in 2006 for the same movie and critics worldwide gave him ‘two thumbs up’ as he portrayed the role of a massuer who is in the helm of sadness due to the loss of his father and the life he leads. overall, though the film may have been a theater like portrayal far from the real world due to the dramatic flair the director may have set his eyes to, the film is equally enjoyable and entertaining.  kaya nang lumabas sa original DVD yung film, bumili ako ng kopya and mare … im sure di mo pagsisihan na binili mo siya dahil uulit ulitin mo.

there may have been some scenes that i felt awkward and far from reality like ng binato ng isang masseur yung lotion sa kabilang cubicle and natamaan yung isang client sa likod.  actually, malayo siya sa katotohanan kasi i’ve been to a lot of massage parlors and each masseurs has their own set of lotions, alcohol and towels. yung iba nga eh may mga maliliit na basket kung saan nila nilalagay yung mga gamit nila. kung maghihiraman man sila, they try to knock on the next cubicle and in a very low voice, they would ask their commrades kung anu man ang wala sila bago manghiram.  plus, a lot of  real life massage centers has music on the background to create a subtle atmosphere.  favorite nila ang gregorian CD… kasi ika nga ng isa sa mga massuer, parang nagpapakalma ang music nila.

second, remember yung scene ng biglang nabuksan ni Coco Martin yung pinto ng CR and out from that ordeal, nakita niya yung isang masseur while doing ‘extra service’ on one of the clients.  this is too impossible kasi i bet in real life, the masseur may have knocked first before opening up the door.  they have this silent signals inside massage centers to inform na mayroong tao sa loob ng kwarto or wala.  what amazes me is they have this ‘code of ethics’ that lingers between them to respect one another and most expecially their ‘paying clients’.

but of course, i would salute its writers and creators since they have ‘almost’ portrayed reality and have been able to project it in the silver screen – what really happens inside massage centers and the life masseurs lead.

do you know na yung mga masahista (or even call boys) try to select a center (or gay bar) na malayo sa totoo nilang bahay??  yup… ang rason nila rito ay para walang makakilala or magawing kapit-bahay sa nasabing lugar kung saan sila gumagawa ng miracle.  di ba sa film, si Coco Martin ay umuuwi yata sa Pampanga, thats why he travels by bus…

second, yung mga pambobola ng mga masahista which was well portrayed in a scene with Allan Paule.  remember, kailangan ni Coco ng bagong sapatos and for him to be able to get what he wants, he tried to smoothen the deal by an erotic massage…  this is so true mga mare…

how did i know??? base from experience yata.  just look to read my post about massage centers.  at the right hand side bar, look for ‘the red shor chronicle’ under categories.  hindi ko naman sinasabing eksperto ako but ive been to numerous massage centers na rin naman eh. (winks)

again, my final verdict, MASAHISTA is a good film and worthy of your HARD-earned and valuable dollars/peso.

back to COCO MARTIN, currently, MASAHISTA is distributed locally by Viva but it had gained such great followers abroad that PICTURE THIS got the international license to distribute worldwide.  DI BA BONGGA!  you could even buy the video through

COCO MARTIN recently finished the film SERBIS for international release as well including other movies such as BATANES, KALELDO and gay themed indie film DAY BREAK opposite Paolo Rivero.  His current TV stints includes DAISY SIETE (GMA), LIGAW NA BULAKLAK (ABS) and TINY TONY (ABS)

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