where art thou?: ANTON BERNARDO aka ‘Mr.8 Pulgada’

known as ‘Pubic Hair King’ or Mr. 8 pulgada (8incher), ANTON BERNARDO truly dominates the early 90’s titilating films.  this gorgeous hunk is said to be one of the bravest newcomers during that time as he flaunts his ‘pubic hair’ on its first pictorial – without hesitation. well, with an 8incher and a sumptous body to die-for…all i could say is…WHY NOT?

he easily gained popularity and topbills some of the earliest titilating films including Anakan Mo Ako, Kesong Puti, Patikim ng Pinya, Saranggani, and critically accalimed gay flick ‘Sa Paraiso ni Efren’ directed by no less than Mary J delos Reyes.  Without a doubt, he has definitely reached the fantasies of both women and gays that ONLY Anton Bernardo can.

how would i ever forget that butterfly tattoo in his right chest? (pls look below). how i fantasized that one day i could touch its wings…. how anton filled up my senses beyond the realms of reality?  how he fills up my cold nights and wrap his arms around me…ansarap talagang mag-wet dreams! hahaha.

But after several films,  Anton shy away from the spotlight and was recently reported that he was working abroad – he was reported working in a bar sa japan to be exact.  H was included as one of the cast members of GMA 7’s Joaquin Bernardo starring Robin Padilla.

what i like about Anton, based from his TV guestings and how he answered each question of showbiz reporter – it seems he is a man of few words, silent kung baga and honest and he was never ashamed of his job.  i think his dignity over work is one of the commendable attitude he got.

10 thoughts on “where art thou?: ANTON BERNARDO aka ‘Mr.8 Pulgada’

  1. pls contact me any one intrested? i am rich , handsome guy here… i am
    looking for a simple goodlooking guy…09228295064

    1. hello yusuke.. thank you for dropping by my blog. dont worry..ill make sure that i will feature Filipino hunks in my blog. =add me as wel thru my facebook account. (thinkofaj@yahoo.com.ph)

  2. I like Anton Bernardo. I saw his sexy dance show at a night club
    for gay thru an instant video. I hope you will send me your
    products by e-mail. I love Philippines boys. Thanks.

    1. you know what…after you asked this question… i tried to look on his profile through various websites if there are any dates listed kung kailan siya pinananganak and do you know what i found out … nothing. as in….

      i hope any from our readers could share the exact date of his birthday…

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