the most HEARTBREAKING text messages i have read … (series 2)

surely … i wont bother you with long intro but rather give you what youve been waiting for.  heres another bathch of 10 text messages that will surely make you cry…


What is loneliness?

It’s when you’re looking for comfort and you hold your own hand.


Sometimes no matter how long or hard you love someone.

They’ll never love you back the way you do and sometimes, you have to be OK with that.


TWO of the hardest tests in life: the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage to accept that you’ve waited for nothing


There is still a romantic element in knowing that I love someone but I am choosing to do the right thing by staying … silent


It’s really hard to show everybody how you feel.

Scared of letting them know what’s bothering you…

Sometimes lying would be an excellent remedy to overshadow the tears from your eyes

You hide the pain by smiling

You hide the tears by laughing and

You hide the sadness by lying

And sometimes you just want to trade your life just to experience a minute of happiness that will really change everything….

But that’s what makes it ironic, the more you seek for happiness … the more you lose it.


Fixing someone’s broken heart is much more like treating a disease.

No matter how hard you try, if youre not the right medicine, you can never cure the pain


Why people don’t believe in second chance?

It’s not because they don’t know how to forgive…

But it’s because second chance can also mean feeling the same excruciating pain for the second time.


I’m destined to be in sorrow

Blinded by love longing for affection

Reaching for the stars

Begging for smiles

Wrapped by illusions

Imagining kisses

Dreaming for touches

Hiding pain and anger eaten by frustrations


Waiting for the someone who will dig me from the mood I am in.


If a bird fell in love with a fish, where would they live?

Who keeps the fins and who loses its wings?

It’s an irony but that’s how cruel yet poetic love can be…


The SADDEST thing about having a TEDDY BEAR is

that no matter how tight you hug it…


31 thoughts on “the most HEARTBREAKING text messages i have read … (series 2)

    1. hey promise…

      your nick seems to be the best word that describes your predicament. is this a ‘promise’ you told her that’s why she left you when you broke it?

      i feel for you my friend but you know ‘promises’ are NOT made to be broken. But in the long run, how bad are you involved with alcohol… is there a tingly feeling that each time you wont have a sip, you felt deprived and as if you are loosing sanity…

      i hope you can share more so we can help you and hopefully bring back your girlfriend


  1. hey jing…

    thank you for reading the post. dont be harsh to yourself. wala namang naging henyo pagdating sa pag-ibig.

    dont worry. hindi ka nagiisa. kasama mo ako dyan 😉

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