being SINGLE

For the past few months… i have had embraced singlehood its entire context and definition.  though single, i rarely go out on a date or party hard than i expected … i guess that is just me.


before, im scared to be alone.


im always longing for that lover who would sweep me off my feet. thus, i look for him in every nook and cranny of this entire pink room.


done some maverick acts and tried hard to sell myself through the images i used. i tried hard to be the ‘perfect guy’ anyone would like to have and keep but i guess, i have some shortcomings as well that no aesthetic attribute of mine could ever satisfy anyones juicy wet dreams.


been succesful for some accounts but i was often broken hearted at times thus im involve in this group that i grew to love.  well,  not because i could pick up my daily twinks at this group but rather a friendship and camaraderie that it has created on its posters, visitors and advisors.


i have the uncanny taste of picking the darnest apple among a brood of good ones.  i dont know why but i have a poor judgement of picking the gold from the silvers.


so i stopped…  i stop on doin the legwork.  trying to find the inevitable.  trying to seek the moth among the league of flies.


they say its a sad journey, being alone and all but i find solemnity and peace of mind. 


maybe for a weeks on this program makes me crave for a life i used to have – a masochist life indeed.  its like a drug addict on the brink of insanity and craving.  but in any event, i found myself happy and calm.


now, i dont look for mr. right.  I know he will find me. if only he looks behind him and ask me for my name.

3 thoughts on “being SINGLE

  1. james…hey… thank you for your comments. i highly appreciate. sorry kung yung iba grammatically incorrect since based from your pseudonym -‘james sykes’, mukhang you are working sa call center. pasensiya na sa wrong grammar. anyhow, salamat sa pagbabasa mo sa blog and i hope di ka magsawa sa kabibisita. i would also like to invite you sa friendster ko –, para i could respond and thank you privately.

  2. what a great blog bro! I know what you feel cause i`m also experiencing that! now, i`m almost 2 months single and i`m happy with that. i can be with anybody without asking permission from other people. i can decide alone and i can save money! hahahaha!

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