good looking Frank Garcia…



24 years old half-Dutch, half Filipino FRANK FREDERICK GROENENBOOM (try mo nga pronounce last name … hehehehe) or better known as FRANK GARCIA (buti na lang, we can pronounce his showbusiness name EASILY) were born under the capricorn sign (january 4, 1984).  His claim to fame is through a deodorant commercial whose main plot line are ‘men singing inside a bathroom with ONLY their towels cover their manhood’ (eherm)

i bet a lot of women and gays are screaming madly once they watched the said advertisement, time and time again.  they are the object of OUR affection and PRINCE of our day dreams by that time hahahahahaha.  after the said hiatus, he have been a part of several commercials including Sarsi,  Colgate, Wanwan Biscuits, Citibank, Jollibee  and Neozep.  He is also a part of now-defunct boyband called ‘Powerboys’ – the same cast who debuted in the highly succesful deodorant ad.

Readers, parang kahawig niya si Rafael Rosel?? May pagkakahawig sila.  dont you agree??

Pansamantala siyang nawala sa limelight and according to Phil. Entertainment Portal, he mentioned that he tried his luck in Thailand for two years.  Though he didnt reached the same popularity he have had here in the Philippines, he went back para ituloy ang kanyang naudlot na career.  One of his comeback films is ‘My Kuya’s Wedding’ under local film outfit – Regal.

What i like about Frank is how he handles gay questions in every Press junctions.  isa na nga sa kanyang mga sagot regarding ‘taboo sa usapang gay’ – di niya ikinakaila na marami na siyang naging kaibigang gay since ng pumasok siya sa showbusiness at a very early age of 17 and masasabi niya na SILA ay tunay na tao.

haaayyyy….napaka heart warming naman.

anyway i hope you will enjoy the selected pictures on this post. ciao.



do you know that Frank Garcia’s shoe size is 10 1/2”??  you know what they say: men with big feet has HUGE…. hands hehehehehehe (Julia Roberts, Notting Hill)

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