REGGIE CURLEY speaks back!


Reggie Curley leads a private life in the US
Reggie Curley leads a private life in the US


for the past few weeks, one of my post under ‘where art thou?’ which features one of my fave actors in the local silver screen and Asian hunk REGGIE CURLEY is rocking this blog with a recent comment from one of our readers who call herself  ‘JANICE’

of course we dont know the true identity of the said reader since even this blogger knew her ONLY by the email she has indicated when she had posted her comment.  according to the said reader, Reggie is now based in Maryland and were caught up in a little web of controversy wherein ‘wines, jefferson Library and catering’ are all tangled in one sticky scenario.


Until a response last Nov. 4 were posted by his yours truly REGGIE, has finally straighten the issue. 

This is reggie, the real one. Nakakagulat na nakaka flatter na may blog nga pala ako sa internet. May mga ilang bagay na gusto kong linawin at sabihin. Tama ang sinabi ni janice na nag uwi ako ng wine after work but janice forgot to mention na lahat kami ay nag uuwi ng wine at ng kung ano-ano pa pagkatapos ng trabaho, but i will not mention names and go into details about that, alam na ni janice yun. On that day, i had a misunderstanding with my supervisor, sinumbong nya ako sa manager about the wine and pinauwi ako ng manager on that night kaya bigla na lang akong nawala na parang bula accorbing to janice. The next day, i talk to the management and humingi ako ng dispensa. They accept my apology and they gave me another chance to work with them. What i did is wrong, i will not deny that and i will accept the consequences of my actions. Pero ang ginawa ni janice na ikalat ito sa buong mundo, giving inaccurate information, misleading the readers and ruining my reputation, parang mas mali ata iyon.


To janice, it’s not true na wala ng work sa catering after that, marami pang work but hindi ganun karami ang kailangan. I hope you understand that. I will not blame you kung masama ang loob mo sa akin, but i don’t understand your intention on commenting this issue in the internet. What is your motive janice? Kung masama ang loob mo sa akin, call kuya tony and ate ofel, get my number and mag usap tayo ng personal. I already talk to ate ofel and look at the lists of all the employees, maraming janice sa listahan. I already called them one by one but it seems they do not know about this or probably they denying it or probably your real name is not janice at all. Mag usap tayo ng personal janice, i’ll even treat you for a lunch or dinner if you like. On the otherhand, kapag pinalaki mo pa ang issue na ito, heto ang masasabi ko sayo…basahin momg maigi… i don’t know how computer literate you are, lahat ng information na pinasok mo sa computer kahit maling email address pa ang pinasok mo sa blog na ito are retrievable, we can track your real identity using your ip address…i will not hesitate to use all my savings to hire an i.t. specialist to reveal and identify you, i will hire a lawyer to sue you, this blog here is evidence enough for your irresponsible actions. Just remember, wala tayo sa pilipinas, nasa amerika tayo, and you know how the legal system works here. Just a thought for you to think about janice.

Currently, Reggie leads a PRIVATE LIFE in the US who also admits that living a life in the eye of the public is not really his cup of tea.  He is currently married with his long time fiancee, pursue Nursing major in Anaesthesiology, A CONSISTENT DEANS’ LISTER, a candidate for a highly prestigous scholarship and do part time job as cater waiter. Thank you for one our readers  who happens to be a concerned friend of Reggie.

I hope that his post straight things out. 

I truly admire Reggie.  Me, as a HUGE FAN of Reggie Curley who saw the man behind the actor were truly mesmerized and adores a person who is honest … sincere … dignified … humble and most especially a human who knows how to stand to be corrected.  A person who knew to admit a mistake and man enough to face the truth.  That is Reggie Curley.

I hope i am closing the doors for this issue.  I hope that WE, BILANG PINOY NA NAGMULA SA ISANG BANSA AY TALIKDAN NA ANG TALANGKA MENTALITY.  Learn to shine by your own effort … by your own sweat and learn to appreciate what GOD gave you. 

sa iyo REGGIE, i will stay to be one of you fan and i salute you.  SALUDO AKO SA IYO!

3 thoughts on “REGGIE CURLEY speaks back!

  1. Hi reggie,,, Im happy for you; hope still remember me (SAPNI NG CRISSOT ZARZUELA) Just see me in FACEBOOK;;;; CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Good work. Cheers(:>)

  2. Hay Naku Reggie, buti naman sinagot mo yang Janice na yan…I wish you all the best…sabi ko nga sa iyo dati, sayang yung talino mo…buti na lang ngayon, you’re there na with your labidabs and pursuing a career in the medical field…ingat ka parati.

  3. Oh my god, pati ba naman yan nakakarating pa sa pinas para siraan si kuya. Reggie is a good friend of mine in school here in Maryland. I think that lady, Janice, is just jealous about him. Ganyan talaga mga pinoy dito sa America, puro tsismis and inggitan.

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