E!: DINGDONG DANTES hinirang na ‘sexiest men in the WORLD’


Dindong looks beyond the islands
Dindong looks beyond the islands


Dingdong Dantes was chosen by E! Entertainment as one of the ’25 Sexiest Men of the World’.   Reportedly, he joins the ranks of hunky actors, models, and sportsmen, including soccer player David Beckham.

E! Entertainment decided to have Dingdong as the only Filipino celebrity to be included on their list. He will be featured in one of the special segments of E! through an interview.  Although E! also eyed another Filipino talent, the network people all rooted for Dingdong. The final choice came from the president of E! Entertainment, who personally chose Dingdong on the list.

Part of the letter stated: “I can assure you that we are only looking to glorify Dingdong Dantes and will only mention him and your footage in a positive light. The show is scheduled to air in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2008. We do not have a more specific time frame as of yet.”

other delectable hunks are included on the list such as Gilles Marini, an actor who has appeared on the Sex And The City movie and several TV shows; Michael Lewis is an actor-model; Dan Carter is a rugby player; and, of course, David Beckham is a very popular soccer player. 

With this new development on Dingdong’s already colorful showbiz career, the young actor has indeed conquered the world.

fro more info, please log on Philippine Entertainment Portal or through this link http://jaggerkieth.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/dingdong-dantes-chosen-by-e-as-one-of-the-sexiest-men-of-the-world/

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