as always she is making the headlines everytime she gone public.  from the senseless weddings to party hopping with Paris Hilton through rehab stories and ‘the bitch, the bald and the fugly’ scenes at a gas station – Britney Spears which i have grown to love and adore has been sliding a few notches from my ‘iconic idol’s list’


i just have to confess…i have been a huge Britney Spears.  her innocent and childish persona during ‘baby do it to me one more time’ to her red leather cat woman suit for ‘oops i did it again’ has captured my gay persona all at the same time.  when im alone in my room, like ‘Jack’ of ‘Will & Grace’, i tried to master the Marsian steps for her video ‘oops i…’


but it seems that everyone has gone older for the worst since ive last heard of Britney.  she changes her sound…but for the better.  she embraced the techno sound that suits her.  i still have ‘In the zone’ album which i always play over and over again.  but reality bites as fame shoots up in her head.  alleged drug abuse and insanity creeps in as she ‘dill dolly’ her life and popularity.


my admiration for Britney is slowly fading as i see her not as an idol to look up to, but rather a ‘lost girl’ from the world she had created.  i just wished that she would get better and try to look on a far more matured perspective.  i still love you britney, but you have to clean up your act or my nieces wouldnt see another piece of you.


** orginally posted last September 23, 2007 from my old blog www.allanworld.i.ph

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