its my third White Pride Party in malate.


Inaya ko ang mga funny friends ko sa malate for them to experience the so-called WHITE PRIDE WEEK in the Philippines (naks…parang turista).  actually my friends hasnt attended PRIDE nor WHITE party and i think its high time to wear those pink shoes and strut the gay mecca of manila for my ‘devirginiZing project’.  Though cats and dogs are pouring, the six gay guys from sampaloc push through with the plans. 


for the past years, the pride week has experienced rain showers and it has always been succesful even for minor setbacks such as this.  clad with our white ensemble, we hailed two cabs, armed with perfume and brushes, we started our journey to the party central of malate – nakpil.


it was crowded….i think every colors of the rainbow has flocked the area and celebrated. 


from buffed to twinks.


trannies to butch. Damsels to fairies


discreet to screaming ones has been tossed in one huge bowl and party the whole night.


medyo napakarami nga lang ata sobra this year.  each bar has its own gimmick hindi katulad ng last few years which i have attended.  may consolidated effort kasi dati like a ’street party’ or they have one major program at the street of malate.  pero mukhang this year, they opted to do their own. mukhang nagkanya kanya ang mga bar owners


me and my friends went inside Chelu.  We tried to peek what is happening in Mafia and BED but it seems there were a long line of gay men in this establishment.  Plus, going from POINT A to POINT B has eaten a reasonable time because of too many gay men in one area.  Sobrang siksikan and you really have to make an effort to drag yourself without stepping someone elses Prada. 


Inside Chelu, sobrang man boobs to man boobs na ang labanan inside kaya punta na lang kami sa second flr.  kaya lang half of the 2nd flr were used by the VIP and wala ng table for us patrons on the other side.  good thing, may nakilala ako sa isa sa mga guest.  Lady luck may have smiled upon us…kaya ayun binigay na rin sa amin ang table. 


ive met a lot of fabulous individuals and the night is so fun.  though i cant hardly remember their names but i never thought deaf and mute individuals knows how to party.  please, i dont mean anything bad and in fact i enjoyed their company.  its refreshing to see gay individuals such as them who lives like us ….ordinary lives….relationships etc.  ANSAYA!


may mga ka-ek-ek-kan lang ang isang kaibigan ko na nasabit in a few heated argument including sa isa sa mga waiter sa bar and a young gay couple.  eh sus…hilahin ba naman ni raven yung guy and sabay kiss without asking kung boyfriend nya ba yung kasama …ay sus pasaway talaga!!!


anyway, overall masaya naman and ill never get tired to attend the white party next year.  here are some of our photos that i could share:


rhea, gerosan, raven and beachguy
GURLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN: rhea, gerosan, raven and beachguy


canoodling with NEW friends
canoodling with NEW friends
the whole gang from sampaloc PLUS gerosan and a guy that i forgot the name
the whole gang from sampaloc PLUS gerosan and a guy that i forgot the name


** orginally posted last July 14, 2008 from my old blog www.allanworld.i.ph

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