Evan ‘ooohh’ – Mighty




How can you change the world?  Evan Almighty has a clear suggestion and its derived from the word ARK… Act of Random Kindness.


From the same producer of Bruce Almighty, comes a sequel based from the Biblical passages rewritten for modern times.  The first movie were acted by Jim Carrey (co-starring Jennifer Aniston) then the sequel were given to the ’40 year old virgin’ Steve Carell.


Based from the posters and theater collaterals, the film revolves around one of the most famous stories in Genesis – Noah’s Ark.  Recreated with a modern twist, the movie imparts the most basic wisdom for human values – Changing the world takes a little act of kindness.


Superb special effects and great acting by Steve Carell as a budding congresman and compassionate father.  The animals had made the whole film more special as they have flawlessly participated in every scene.  Morgan Freeman is still playing the same character from the first film that makes the two films somehow special.  Its the connection that the film has finally embraced.  And it makes you wonder, how does God looks like? hmmm…


one flaw that the writers committed is establishing the wife and three kids character.  how their lives were affected by the fathers constant neglect of his duty to his family. Perhaps the films shortcoming were well explained towards the last part of the film where God and the congressman have had a heart to heart talk on how he made a difference in his own way.


Encompassing the films shortcomings, lies a heart of gold.  The message were written loud and clear,  changing the world starts at the little things we do in an everday basis.  Its how we touch everyones lives by the little deeds we do – unconciously.  Even if your just giving 25 minutes of your time to your niece trying to solve an assignment or giving your chair to an old woman in an MRT or any public vehicle.  These are act of kindness that touches lives.  Just like a tiny pebble thrown in a calm river, a ripple effect that somehow changes the way we perceive things.

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