the red shoe chronicle: D’ HUNKS


out from a sudden whim, i visited D’ HUNKS located at Tomas Morato.  This is due because of a comment by a friend in cyberspace whose name is Egay.  He is raving about the place and i want to find out why…

I knew the place since i passed by the said center several times.  ito ang isa sa mga unang centers after you passed bay edsa sa may gawing kanan.  ito rin ang madadaan right before you could reach centers such as Blue Room and Boys of Bora which i have reviewed previously.  Before, i passed by the said center but hesitated to pursue their service since during that time, there are only two masseurs available.  i think its way pass 3am and dala siguro ng ka-EL yahan kaya ako nagawi sa lugar na ito hahahahahahah.  So after much ado, the second attempt is fruitful and indeed successful hahahahahaha

The moment i stepped inside the said center i was immediately approached by the head massuer whose name is GRYK.  (mga mare, if you like Gryk, you could also hire him).  i explain to Gryk what i like and demands and he immediately asked the boys para mag-line up.  the center is clean and nice. standard lighting kasi medyo madilim and red bulbs eluminate the said center.  the floor is nice and shiny and no awful smell will greet you.  the basic service is Php 350.00 which includes the usage of towel, lotion, bathrrom and the standard cubicle.  you could choose the men of your desire through an aquarium like room.  you could choose the men you like by simply pointing at him.  i think i choose a guy whom i forgot the name but definitely muscular and bear-like. hahahahhaha.  the main thing i could still remember out from him is the superman necklace hugging his neck.  he has fair complexion and clean looking… a combination i cant resist.

what really amazes me is the service Gryk has offered.  a DOUBLE – meaning two masseurs at the same time..

its my first to experience such sthing so i grab the chance by the balls hahahahahahaha.  the second guy they gave me is somehow in his mid-30’s.  he is not really my bet but well, anything for an adventure hahahahahaha.

i paid 700 for the said service and was led to the second floor with at least 4 to 5 cubicles.  i dont try to count them since im not really interested (im such a bitch).  though i noticed that its clean and well kept.  i think the masseurs are well trained never to leave anything behind.  ika nga they have to clean after messing things up hehehehehe

the massage is fine and dandy and definitely the extra hours spent is marvelous.  this is a center i would also recommend.  if you want to know more about them, please text or call GRYK 0903860682.  just tell them i highly recommend the said center through this blog.  if they would ask my name, well its written at the banner of this blog site.  they will definitely know my name since im one of their patrons

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