100 doses of inspiration



sometimes… we need another person to help us thread our daily lives.  a simple gesture may mean a lot – either from a stranger, from loved one or even from your pet dog.  a simple smile could liven up your day and makes every minute bearable even if rain clouds dances around your head.

as they say ‘no man is an island’ and we need each other to draw inspiration to. 

for this series of ‘100 doses of inspiration’, i have collected inspiring text messages that pertains to GOD unending love to mankind.  may this first series help you in finding true peace and inspiration to go on.

readers…be ready to be inspired.

Dose 1:  If someday you’ll find yourself thirsting for comfort because you are in deep pain and frustration, just remember GOD could always be your refuge when everyone doesn’t hear your cries…


Dose 2:  The more silently love is expressed, the more it is deeply bound to impressno wonder GOD loves us in silence but gives us the daily unnoticed miracles


Dose 3:  We wouldn’t be this strong if GOD is not with us.  We often forget HIS presence because of the busy things we do, but still, GOD is there to remind us how beautiful life could be with HIM.


Dose 4:  When GOD is going to do something wonderful, He begins with difficulty.  If it’s going to be something very wonderful, he begins with impossibility.  Always believe and never quit.


Dose 5:  There was once a child who was placed in a big box to play with his toy car.  His dad was standing from afar, watching him.  Suddenly, the father put a big rock at the middle of the box blocking the toy car’s path.  The kid looked at his father then at the rock.  The kid tried to lift it up and put it away but it was so heavy.  He tried to push it but he can’t.  He looked at his and said ‘I cant, I did everything’.  The father shook his head and said ‘no, you haven’t asked for my help yet’.


Dose 6:  GOD said: ‘Trials are not the reason to give up, but a challenge to improve ourselves. Difficulties are not an excuse to back out, but an inspiration to move forward.’


Dose 7:  GOD gives us a loving spirit so we can be a true person; not just gifted with a mind that can understand but with a heart that truly cares…


Dose 8:  GOD said “write your plans in pencil but give me the eraser.  I might have something better, nicer and more beautiful to write for you.”


Dose 9:  When GOD gives us NO for an answer, keep in mind that there’s a much greater YES behind it.  His NO isn’t a rejection but a redirection.


Dose 10:  Feel good when somebody misses you.  Feel better when somebody loves you.  Feel best when somebody never forgets you.  Somebody like me –  GOD

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