Jace Flores: one HOT HUNK survivor


yup, he is currently one of my favorite survivor.  (well aside from the fact that i like ‘Patani’)

19 year old REYNALDO ‘JACE’ CHANCO FLORES JR., (better known as Jace) grew up in Hawaii and Brunei.  Her mother was a personal trainor for Brunei’s royal family.  Following the footsteps of her mother, he is also a gym instuctor which is evident with his hot body to boot.  what i like about him is smile and his tattoo…. as in wow!

after he was voted off, he enters showbiz with new shows under his belt including Luna Mystika.  haayyy… salamat naman at madalas ko na siyang makikita sa TV.

i included two clips below, the first one is a video made by one of his adoring fan and his guesting sa showbiz central wherein he gamely strips off his shirt…



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