guide to financial independence – Pinoy style



I just recently finished ‘Wealth Within Your Reach’ (Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo!) by Francisco J. Colayco.  Its the local version of Kiyosakis ‘Rich Man, Poor Dad’ series.


For the past few months, the book is a best seller on all local bookstores and i just know why.


The book simply explains how we can attain financial independence if we would discipline ourselves in spending our hard earned money.  How we look through the future and learn the basic, ‘Pinoy’ style of saving money.  Mr. Colayco has superbly trigger how Filipinos spend rigorously for things we dont really need and invest on things that doesnt earn value.


Colayco also gave importance on the power of planning ahead and watching your finances like a hawk.  Plus, the examples are easily understandable, bit humorous but oddly real and specify investment local opportunities.


Good work Mr. Colayco! Its the first time ive ever read any local financial book so far that aspires me for my own financial freedom.  I just bought the second book of ‘Wealth Within…’ together with the workbook so i may be able to plan as well my future. 

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