i miss WILL and GRACE…




good thing i have the full 6 seasons on DVD. (hehehehehe) i have the capability to watch it over and over again. (bwahahahaha)


how would you ever forget Will Truman? The outrageously smart and sexy lawyer who also dreamt of having a partner.  How he threads singlehood and journey through loverville.


how he stays to be a friend and remain loyal to each of them?

how he generously gave his love to three outstanding souls with three different personalities.  how he continously to be the alter ego of grace and at the same time her soulmate?

how he gave fun surprises to Karen and at the same time his knight in shining armour?


he shows chivalry and grace on an evening where Karen Walker needs a ‘prince’ who could save her from utter humiliation. And how would you ever forget the odd relationship with Jack whom he continously slap and make fun with it but at the same time, take good care of him as if it was his own son.


then how about Grace Adler? the savvy designer and long time fag hag of Will.  ‘RED’ of ‘red, homo, homo and boy’.  the equally talented and clumsy character that epitomizes a natural woman – without the fuss and make-up. 


how she take good care of Will in in its most vulnerable stages and issues including love, rejection and having a child?

how he gave comfort to Jack’s ‘unique talent and how she see the true soul behind the feisty and devilish outer cover of Karen?


who would you ever forget Karen Walker?  Feisty, nasal, evil counterpart of Cruella De-vil.  The millionaire who knew ‘Drugs Dictionary’ by heart and has a great career as a pharmacist if she were not a rich girl.  how she took comfort of Grace bruised ego and fight in her behalf.  they have an odd sweet bitter relationship that only true friends have.  Karen’s often lavish character has touched the soul of Will as she takes good care of the often low self confident lawyer and the ‘kid’ within’s Jacks character.  She serves as the mother of Jack as she treats him both financially and spritually.


then comes the wacky character of Jack.  stereotypical but nevertheless absolutely funny.  how he journey every crotch of a guy he met and tried to make a relationship out from it which he obviously fail.  how he makes fun of Graces clothes but takes good care of her often abandoned emotional lovelife.  how he takes good care of Will, unconciously, and pick up a fight whenever the gay lawyer is in trouble.  Plus the odd relationship between him and Karen.  he shows enough sensitivity with his bestfriends often misled family life and she would be able to triumphantly move on.


four characters which i miss a lot that show the human kindness hidden beneath everyday live. gawd…… I miss them. 

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