TOP 10 MEN of 2008 (part 1)

clap! clap! clap!

ladies, gentlemen, gays, trannies and other sex orientation…may i present the TOP 10 MEN of my fabulous blog.  In fairness, though this blog were created last 27th of July, the hits reaches more than 60,oooo ++ at this point of time….

wow…im touched….magpapa cheese burger ako kung makikilala nyo ako or if you ever met me in person hahahahahahahaha

pero bago ang lahat, eto muna ang TOP TEN POST FOR 2008.  only two post were non individual which features a movie trailer and my review on a certain massage center. just read below which made it to the list:

No. 1   2,230 HITS          where art thou? HAROLD PINEDA

No. 2       1,781 HITS        Holy molly MARCO MORALES

No. 3       1,692 HITS       RAFAEL ROSELL …ohh on HOT HUNK in briefs

No. 4       1,677 HITS         ANTON BERNARDO in bed

No. 5       1,636 HITS          JOSH IVAN MORALES: the star of my wet, wet, dreams

No. 6        1,586 HITS        WALANG KAWALA trailer

No. 7       1,557 HITS           WILL SANDEJAS: Laguna’s tempting delight (post no longer available as requested by Will himself)

No. 8        1,501 HITS        the red shoe chronicle: boys of bora

No. 9       1,420 HITS            WENDELL RAMOS in ‘skimpy brief’

No. 10     1,636 HITS            WALANG KAWALA si JOSEPH BITANGCOL

anyhow, here are the TOP TEN MEN na i know you are waiting kanina pa and i absolutely beleive that you would definitely love.  siyempre we start sa number 10 para may surprise hehehehehe!

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Top 10: indie golden boy CoCo Martin

NO 9 where art thou? KEN ESCUDEROS bold move (1119hits)

NO 9 where art thou? KEN ESCUDEROS bold move (1201hits)