will you STAY or will you LET GO?



Here is a short message from one of our readers that I would like to share


‘i just broke up with my boyfriend. we are in a homosexual relationship. We loved each other so much. He means everything to me. But when i ask of us to get back together. He doesn’t want. How should i go through this. I really love him and i want to continue this relationship. i’m ready to do anything to get him back with me. I’m staying with him. Should i consider moving out of his house?’


dilemma.  I can still remember one of the phrases uttered by Shakespear himself ‘to be or not to be’


honestly, there are no right or wrong answer to your question.  It really depends. It’s a case to case basis and we have to weigh each scenario that may lead to one or another.  For whatever the result, we have to keep in our hearts the bravery to face the journey after.


Based from what you have written, I don’t know why you two broke up…  but it seems that you and your ex-boyfriend are still living in one roof.  Your tried to win him over again and patch things up but he felt that it’s the end of the road.  Am I right?? (I hope)


If this is the case, have you ever tried to ask him why?  Have you ever tried to ask him at least 15 minutes of his time to talk things over just for you to know.  If placing his reasons through words will help you understand, even if it’s a bitter pill that is hard to swallow, then let him speak up.  If you felt that the world may have been crashing benetah your feet while he explains his side, then allow yourself to shed tears.  If this is the only way to lighten up your load.   If, for him, everything has ended, isnt it high time that you have to admit to yourself that its time to let go?




You may say, its easier said than done.  YES…. I KNOW.  I have been there and letting go is one of the hardest decision that I have ever made.  But it always takes that one step for freedom.  Unless youll never make that step, youll never know what is beyond that door.


You have a life ahead.  And he has a life to lead as well.  You both need the ability to let go and find another way and if life leads you on the same path tommorrow…then probably you two are meant for each other – forever.


PS: dear readers, feel free to leave your comment below.

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