where art thou? JORDAN HERRERA… the boy who tried to catch a rainbow


he is whom i call ’the boy who desperately catches a rainbow’. 


he gained popular acclaim from a deodorant commercial which launches their individual careers. jordan herrera on the other hand is on the forefront of the race as he snags a movie with industries sexy actress Maui Taylor though the movie ‘gamitan’.


GAMITAN – ironically speaking, the films title reflects the boy’s dark past.  negative issues left and right  sprung like mushrooms.  according to the great grape vine, he desperately wanted to help his family in Bulacan.  He has the looks so he entered the modeling world and got a gay doctor as a benefactor.  in his road to success he found a few more diamonds along the road including half a million worth of car given by a singer.  now you know why i dubbed thee …the boy who desperately catches a rainbow.

now, i havent seen herrera for quite some time.  he is like a shooting star. he crosses the sky with blazing fire but after a few minutes…. black empty sky and you cant even see where it has gone.


my source of info: check this site http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-110101.html




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