confessions of a PALAWAN 2 virgin




honestly, ive never been to Palawan 2 until last May 11.


my friends are gushing about the place that i never had the opportunity to visit.  even at guys4men, they even dedicated a couple of threads just for this venue.  Ive been to Palawan 1, a videoke type of resto-bar but my last experience with the place is quite awful.


its sunday night and i have made plans to visit another place that ive heard which shows ‘naughty’ performances.  its actually near Palawan 2 but it is yet to be explored since i dont know where exactly the place is.  Unfortunately,  four days before the said adventure, the place were raided by NBI.  arrrgghhhh! 


so i was left with nothing to do on a sunday. so i called my friends from the salon and asked where we could hang out until an idea pops in my head, PALAWAN 2 NA LANG! its perfect idea since ive never been to the place and my friends always planning for an all-girls night out…so natuloy ang lakad ng mga lola mo!


the gays are excited since some of them have had visited the place.  they have fond memories that lead to my curiosity.  so i hurried and packed 6 gays and thread our way to cubao. 


it was a real joy ride since i have 2 twinks and 4 trannies inside my car.  (imagine that!) its a sight to behold and laughter filled the air.  may kaunting aberya lang on our way to the place like overheating and muntik muntikang aksidente sa balete, still nothing stops us to reach the place.  i could still remember their reaction, bakla ayokong maheadline bukas…ang panget kasi eh.  ‘7 BAKLA PAKTAY DAHIL SA KALANDIAN’…..hahahahaha.  we are the gay version of ‘7 DALAGITA’


when we reached the place, since its a Sunday – P100 for the entrance (not consumable). some of my friend told me, much lower rate during weekdays and consumable pa.  we immediately ordered two sets of colt 45 amounting to P395 (total of 10 bottles).  the place is fully loaded and the show has just started so we dont have a choice kundi sa second floor na lang kami.


the show is great.  i laughed the whole night with the 4 antics of gay videoke masters. a lot of slap stick skits and gay bashing conversations PLUS fabulous voices as they render one song to another.  after the show…as what we all love to do…DISKOHAN NA!!!


at the dance floor, me and my friends has danced the night away.  in fairness, may nakasayaw rin ako which i forgot to ask his name.  ansaya namin!!  not too bad for a first timer.  my friends are much luckier as they snagged not just one but more than two guys that night.  they even have collected at least three cell numbers that evening.  as for me, masaya na ako na makita silang masaya and im contented hehehehehehe (winks)


overall my palawan experience is one memorable night.  i hope you will also visit the place one of these days because i know…i will…again and again and again!


** orginally posted last May 11, 2008 from my old blog

me and the girls (winks)
me and the girls (winks)

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