the best 3 trannies for booking

my gay friends belong in two different spectrum.  the first spectrum is the ‘discreet‘ group which we fondly called ‘paminta (peppers)’ and the second group is what we call trannies or otherwise known as ‘cross dresses’.  you could bet that i touched based on both worlds on a daily basies and loving each eccentrities as well.


but in this post, i would like to discuss the TOP 3 ‘SPEEDY’ TRANNIES for bookings.  meaning they are the quickest amongst my friends who could easily book a guy in just a matter of minutes!


YES! its true because i have witnessed these three ‘girls’ on hooking their latest tricks every day at my friends salon.  so here goes my list…



1. SHEM – the tranny from Bataan is a self-made businesswomen who manages her salon on her own hometown.  she visited manila last year for a few seminars and bought some stuff as well.  this girl amazes me!  one story goes like this, she has a customer (she sideline on my friends salon for extra bucks while staying in manila) who ask for a hair cut (duh). after finishing his service, she walks through the shampoo chair together with the guy.  we didnt pay attention to them since we knew that its a customer and we are all pre occupied by our own silly lives. 


then, one of us uttered, ‘where is SHEM?’. 




With a devilish nasty smile, my friend slowly points out that she went upstairs with her costumer. the biggest news ever for that day, she was paid by a real guy amounting to P300 for the haircut and extra service.




i mean, i watched one of the news programs on local TV wherein REAL GIRLS are paid just for P100 per trick.  Shem is earning more than that and she is not EVEN A REAL WOMAN…literally!




2. RHEA – his name sounds like an alcohol brand but this gal is not just tough with germs but with boys as well.  i witness how she dazzles her tricks on her little enchanting waves and ‘yoohoo‘.  even discreets will feel ashamed since she is counting boys by an hour.  she has a list of boys on her hand that she regularly text and contact. 


even at the peak of heat in mid afternoon wherein you thought that everyone is asleep…you could guess where she is.  a ‘mid afternoon snack’ as well with one of the boys.  i dont need to wonder since Rhea could easily pass as a girl rather than a man.  just look on ‘her’ picture.




3. RAVEN – my bestfriend of so many years whom i walk with life through thick and thin.  he owns and manages his salon which is aptly called ‘Ravens salon’.  i have witnessed his journey including his latest tricks and i often rely on him for my own as well.  im not really a good charmer and he was the one who always brings the bacon.  i still can remember, one of my previous relationship was because of his charming ways. his latest trick by that time has a friend whom we secretly brought in his room.  that started a two year relationship with Gary which i have always cherished.  even up to this day,  Raven has truly proven that her magic spells works in mysterious ways.


there are runner up as well like MELVINA and IWA who are all part of the tranny family.  do you have any tips on how to lure a guy?  just add your comments and share.

12 thoughts on “the best 3 trannies for booking

    1. oh yes… sureness….

      actually his salon is located near delafuente. if you know kung saan ang premiere bank and tapat ng petron station, its a few blocks from the this landmark ang salon nya. you would never miss it…

        1. sampaloc area yan… do you know the place…. and hey i add your email sa YM ko. just receive the message heheheheheh….

          ill tell my friend as well…..wala ka bang friendster???

      1. m dela fuente sa sampaloc, correct? there’s a premiere bank corner of g tuazon. thanks for the info. i’ll visit this week.

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