where art thou? cutie-liscious LEONARDO LITTON



He is one of the most bankable sexy stars in local cinema in the early 90’s who stars on various films including Talong (eggplant),  Aray! (ouch) and Tikim (ahhhmmm….kayo na ang bahalang magtranscribe sa ingles…).  However, one movie had made him internationally famous – ‘Burlesk King’.  until now, you can buy the video at http://www.barnesandnoble.com.


Leonardo Litton has a certain boyish charisma that has surely captivated the fantasies of both women and gay men.  I should know…. because i still have his G magazine pictorial that i kept in a box.  Marami rin kaming pinagsamahan ng magazine na yun kung saan siya ang cover… bringing back old memories.


His last name may have ring a bell since its patterned with a famous local columinist and host – Johnny Litton but he has surely made a mark in the local industry as one of the most ‘daring’ starlets.  Bakit naman hindi…may ipapakita naman eh.


i have collected some of his pictures which i have googled in the internet…. please scroll down and have fun!




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