BOOK REVIEW: 101 Things to do before you turn 40 by Kristin McCracken

The number 40.  One of the most terrifying numbers in the ‘how-old-are-you?’ that was often asked when meeting another person for the first time.  I bet, we all wanted to be young and fabulous but I guess not everyone could be Benjamin Button.


Anyway, as we try to defy gravity with creams that may hold those wrinkles a far more subtle, one book dared to defy the odds and celebrates life.  Kristin McCracken’s ‘101 Things to do before you turn 40’ provide the pleasure of living a life to the fullest.


This book never left my hands and finished the book in just an hour feeling light and grateful.  It provides 101 tips on how you could enjoy every second that any ordinary single nor married gal may have never thought of.  After finishing the book, you may consider some of these tips and pushes you to do it before time runs out.  I love some tips which includes having sex with the best man, bungee jumping, playing ‘doctor, doctor I am sick’ in bed (hehehehe), embarking a journey on a far off place all by my own, kissing ‘frogs’, date a musician / artist, jury service, buy a piece of ‘real’ art, teach in a deserted county, new techniques in bed, confront homophobes and racist and other things that the writer has provided in fun and flimsy way.


At the end of the day, it makes me think that life is too short, make the best out of it and stop sulking because you just reached a certain age that you felt no one would ever like you.  Stop the drama and start living life.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GO AND FIND THIS BOOK!!!

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