BOOK REVIEW: Pushing Up Daisies by Rosemary Harris




It’s a suspense, sprinkled with romance ala Nancy Drew all rolled into one as Paula Holliday, a media exec who trades off her fancy job for garden clogs as she embarks a gardening business.  Her first big time project is a local landmark call Halcyon Gardens which brings her to a discovery of a mummified  body that led to a series of events which brings out the ‘best and worst’ amongst its town folks. 


The said discovery reveals a web of stories hidden within a little towns  well kept secret that was unravelled by a gardeners utter curiosity to the truth.  It touched several issues including homosexuality, greed, deception, gardening, old medicine, lies, family bonds and murder all tangled with one another


My friend who finished the book for just one day and a half gave TWO THUMBS UP.  She said that the author has conveyed the material light and easy to digest for its readers.  Amen to that! 


But for me, a non-gardener who does not have any idea about planting nor gardening or even the slightest idea on what a ‘common weed’ may find some chapters a bit long and dragging.  I for one were lost on several chapters that I just schemed each lines just to get through it.  But it doesn’t mean that the book is a total loss.  The last chapters of the book provides a faster phase as it reveals the ‘secrets’ and the people entangled with the dead body found in the garden.  My favorite part may have been the romantic friction between the gardener and the hot mexican hunk who falls by the name of Felix.  Raaaarrrrr!!!

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