flying high with JON AVILA



Sa unang tingin pa lang… JON AVILA (ak.a John Mullaly)  is one of the most ‘gorgeous’ celebrities in TV today.  No doubt about it…at such a short span of time, Avila is the current toast of TV world as he landed a leading role in a local TV series in a major network.


Jon Avila or Jonathan dela Cruz Mullally in real life was born and raised in England.  He won the Century Tuna Super Body competition and has endorsed several brands inlcuding a leading underwear brand – Bench.  When he was chosen as one of the celebrities for Pinoy Big Brother, his popularity has reached great new heights. 


But what i like about him is when bravely nodded to be a cover of a local gay magazine – ICON.  being featured in a magazine widely read by the third sex may break his budding career. he is brave enough to show his ’stuff’ and transform himself as every gay man’s fantasy.  he faced and crashed the myth rather, used the opportunity as a stepping stone. 


now, avila is a part of an all-male group called ‘coverboys’ which was recently launched. 


three cheers to jon!!!!


Below are some of his pictures waiting for your admiration. Enjoy!





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