WANTED: Boyfriend

Gays often surf the net for one purpose: finding a mate.  Almost everyone I know is trying to find the inevitable ‘better half’ (even guys who are committed are trying their luck as well).  I guess in cyberspace, you can be whoever you wanted to be.  We create a make believe persona – a persona who we would wanted to be if we have had the chance.


A make believe fantasy off from the pages of a magazine – macho, matikas, matangkad, dark, drop dead gorgeous, 6-pack abs, shiny white teeth, blue eyes, flawless, mala-Adonis na physique. 


Profile pictures were enhanced to its utmost aesthetic standard – from adobe to corel. We even pose neither tilted nor trying to show off our ‘tool’.  Guys who have the body show off their chest and abs and guys who have looks focus on their selling points.




My straight friends often told me that being gay is FUN.  Well, hindi pa nila nararamdaman to live a life of a gay guy.  Mabuti pa ang straight – practical.  As long as they knew that the guy can give the life she dreamed of in the future, ok na.  But in the gay world, aside from the fact that you should be successful financially, you should also have jaw-dropping good looks and a body to die for.  Ang hanap talaga ay si SUPERMAN.


I’m now 29 and i am joining the 30’s bandwagon soon.  Maturity has been honed and age seems to be slapping my forehead.  My hair is thinning on top and my belly is earning a millimeter or two.  It’s hard to shed of those baby fats at this point of time as they seem to stay in your skin for the rest of your life.  In short, hindi ako yung tipo nila. 




Mahaba ang baba






My tummy is bigger than my chest.  In short parang bubuli…


Hindi masyadong flawless




No money to show off


Hayyyy buhay!!!!  So I learned to admit the fact and try to embrace reality.  Having a lover, boyfriend, lifetime partner (whatever you may define it) ONLY belongs to cover boys and the rich guys.  For people like me, well mag-tiyaga na lang magmasid and mangarap.  So to fight the sadness I feel in my heart most especially in a rainy day like this, I admitted the fact that I may not have the relationship i have been longing for.


If only these guys could learn to see beyond the tapestry of aesthetics and look closely to thy heart.  A heart who would love them faithfully until that time comes when they are no longer beautiful or ‘delicious’ in the eye of their followers.  When they start to feel that gravity takes its toll and all their precious parts are falling one after another. 


A guy, like me, who will continue holding their hand till eternity,  A guy like me who would still feel the luckiest guy in the face of the earth every morning when you feel vulnerable.  Every morning wherein no additional frill, no perfume, no make-up and ONLY nature’s gift are plastered all over.


A guy, like me, who would look in thy eyes and utter ‘I love you’ even if a wrinkle starts to ruin thy pretty face.


This is me.  All of  me.

6 thoughts on “WANTED: Boyfriend

  1. Hay sister… ang ganda-ganda ng nilagay mo… correct ka in every aspect… masaya akong makakilala ng isang katulad mo! More power and God bless po!

    Karagdagan: Kung saka-sakaling gusto mo ng kausap at nalulungkot… nakalagay naman po yung email ko kaya… feel free po na kausapin ako at ikalulugod ko po iyon!

    1. hey…really

      thats great. san sa mindanao though. i love to go to davao sana…hmmm. i may take your invitation and will keep your number as well hehehehehehe

  2. Hi aj,

    You know all that you’ve said is true. Don’t let yourself down, be confident.. who cares? di naman sila kawalan sayo di ba as long your not hurting the feelings of others. Sabi nga nila “pana-panahaon lang yan” so maybe this time is not your day to shine. Just flaunt what you’ve got and who knows you will shine among the rest even if you don’t have the looks or the body to showed off. 😉

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