sizzling jake cuenca – (fffssssttttt!!!!!)




what can i say about jake cuenca???


god….im simply speechless. a young actor/model who jumps from one network to another, got a break and finally found fame.  From then on, he doesn’t show any sign of stopping.  from teeny bopper supporting roles to big time primetime series, jake cuenca can finally say ‘I ARRIVED’.


no doubt about it, he finally arrived which is evident with his Edsa billboards which plastered his face and body wearing underwear…(via bench underwear ad series) and various endorsement deals.  (i think he had caused a lot of stiff necks by that time his billboards are still in Edsa!!!  hahahaaha…ouch my neck)


cuenca simply oozes with sex appeal….his dark gazes and physique that could create shrieks and shrills amongst ladies and gays.  he can simply tease you with his provocative gestures and poses. (just look on the pre-‘palos’ pictures below…yummy).  i still remember the first time i spotted him at gateway mall while shopping.  i bet he was younger by that time but you can almost see the potential…. he is simply a head turner…as everyone couldnt simply miss this hunk.


so enjoy the rest of the pictures…. and let jake cuenca sizzle.  enjoy!!!!!



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